Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday faves


"...And bull shit"...with this fun weekend jam:

Why, 2 of my favorite activities!
Partying and bull-shitting.
Well, that and "shooting the shit", but same difference.
She's a little blonde Rihanna-esque, no?

Chia Kombucha
Nature's "Energy Shots"...Remember?
And who doesn't need more energy, omega-3's, and fiber in their life?!
Fuel for the body and soul.
It kind of tastes like snot,
but I mean that in the best possible, fruity way.
If you are a fan of Asian bubble teas, this is kiiiiind  of similar.

$3.99 per bottle (read: spendy) at Whole Foods,
but one bottle may last you a couple of days.
I'm partial to the cherry flavor - perfectly sweet & tart!

Denim shirts.
(That is, when not paired with jeans, a.k.a. a Canadian/Texan Tuxedo).

Can't decide which is my favorite it's a "Yes" x 8.

Amazing outdoor furniture.
Namely this ginormous deck swing.

Perfect for naps, reading, and/or sunbathing!

12 Things You Should Be Able to Say About Yourself
So true!

I need to work on #'s 7 and about you??

Have a fantastic weekend, m'dears!

~image via pinterest, photo by b, images via pinterest, dwell, & hip hip gin gin~

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