Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wine-o Wednesday

Ah, to be back in the drinking mix!
Albeit only ~1 glass of vino per occasion.  (Read:  On "date night".)

Regardless, I'm grateful for my glass!
Despite the warm temps, I've been on a real red kick lately.
Namely, Argentine Malbecs...
Rich.  Dark.  Smooth.  Robustly fruitful.
Perfect for BBQ'ing on the patio with friends.
And (most often) relatively inexpensive!
What's not to love?!?

Some of my recent favorites...

Gascon Malbec

(Available by the glass/bottle at Crazy Water.
And amazing with their bacon-wrapped dates in smokey chipotle sauce.)

San Telmo Malbec

(Available by the glass/bottle at Roots.
And bomb-dizzle with their garlicky-fennel-chorizo mussels
and spicy pulled pork sandwich!)

If Malbec just ain't yo thang,
or for something to pair with lighter fare,
try this Oregon Pinot - it's also on point!
(And inexpensive.)

Sharecroppers Pinot Noir

They had me at "Rainier cherry."
Suddenly, I find myself parched.
(Hey, it's noon five o'clock somewhere, right?)

~photo by b / images via gascon wine & x 2~

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