Monday, August 3, 2015

Hello, August.

And suddenly, it's August.
I've been away from cyberspace, 
busy doing very August-like things...

....pool days, beach days, gorgeous orange sunsets,
and soaking up as much of that sweet summer fun as we can
before it fades into fall.

Can't wait to be "off " of work so I can fully enjoy these
hot, muggy days with m'loves!

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Friday, July 17, 2015

The Friday Five

Mid-July?! Say it ain't so.
Summer, like life it seems, is just flying by.
I've been feeling a little under the weather this week,
but that hasn't slowed us down in our quest to zoo, pool, and beach it up!
Aside from gorgeous weather, here's what else is good this week...

 The "Edward Sharpe..." of yore.
As previously mentioned, we saw them at Summerfest.
While entertaining, something was just off with Alex Ebert.
You can tell he's still experiencing post-break-up blues...and crazy...
and, most likely, a plethora of illegal substances.
Here's a throwback to the good ol' days with Jade...

anthropologie hanging planters
I've been waiting for them to go on sale and when they finally do,
I'm too late to the party.
Oh well.
Some medium size still left {HERE}.

cherry season
An 8-lb box of fresh cherries arrived with our weekly CSA box
and I couldn't be more thrilled!
While there's nothing better than eating them by the juicy handful,
I also cannot wait to test out a bunch of new, yummy fresh cherry recipes!

P.S.  Pardon my shoddy phone pics.  My DSLR battery & charger have went MIA.

"Duh, obvi!", you say.
But seriously, it's a one-stop shop (home goods! cleaning supplies! baby needs! food! pharmaceuticals! etc!) with a Starbucks...and between the Cartwheel app + coupons + 5% off with my Red card + free gift cards when I buy shit I was already going to buy?  It makes me feel quite savvy less guilty about dropping two-hundo each trip.

And speaking of Target, did anyone read {THIS}?  I am usually #1 (because I have all intentions of working out AFTER my Target run...but then the Target time warp strikes and a simple trip takes 2 hours).  On a rare occasion, I'm #6 (but that experience reminds me why I never shop with 2 kids in tow unless absolutely necessary.)  Which Target shopper are you??

Beaches with parks.
Double "wear 'em out" ability.
And we all get to enjoy some fun in the sun!

And a few more links, just because...

Do yourself a favor and follow Honest Toddler on Twitter.

A pretty 10-minute manicure at home?  Worth a try.

Had we a babysitter lined up, I'd be all over this week's Fish Fry & Flick.
Party on, Wayne!

Speaking of movies, anyone want to see Amy Schumer's "Trainwreck" with me?

I want this tank.  Business in front, party in the back.

Adorable backpacks for kids of all ages.  (Because, yes, it's almost that time!)

Looking forward to trying this new, all-in-one, BB, CC, and tinted moisturizer cream from Bare Escentuals.  (Great price tag, too!)

Inspiring quotes from self-made billionaires.

Cheers to a lovely summer weekend!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wine-o Wednesday

So I've had a couple good wines recently that are worth sharing.
Ironically, it is summer and they are mostly reds!
And thankfully, they can all be found at your local grocer for ~$20.

"Freakshow" Cabernet
Hess Select "Treo" Red Blend

Smooth and rich.
Pairs well
Go on an splurge, m'loves.  You're worth it!

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Mama Mondays : Slow parenting

Let me just first say that I read this piece over at Cup of Jo awhile back, and I both completely adored it (as this is the parent I so desperately want to be),
and also instantly felt terrible (as I am constantly the one telling my kids to "hurry up").  Ugh.  I'm the worst.

I was especially moved by this snippet from a related article in the Boston Globe:

This thought alone makes me want to sloooooooow down and just let my kids do "their thing" at their own pace while I just sit back and drink in their adorableness.  From putting on their own shoes to exploring the back yard....time goes by way to quickly as it is, why hurry them along even more?!
This theory is not easy for an anally punctual person like me, but it is my motherly goal to try this so-called slow parenting this summer.

And what better time to start than summer,
where life is naturally at a slower, more leisurely pace...

Do you embrace slow parenting?
If so, what are your tips in letting go of control?

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Anniversary time!

Yes, I'm still alive (though barely).
This block of work has been particularly heinous.
I am literally counting down the minutes until I am a pager-free woman.
But nonetheless, it is Friday!
And tomorrow is our 6th wedding anniversary.

Time literally flies.

Here's a lovely song and sentiment to commemorate the occasion...

We'll be celebrating with a child-free evening, 
dinner {HERE} followed by some dranks,
and an annual dance in the living room to our wedding song.

(le sigh)


I will be back with regular posts next week!
Pinky swear... ;)

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer reads, Volume 2

So, I'm still having post-vacation blues.
I'd much rather be on my lake floatie with a drink in hand under the hot summer sun (a.k.a. my new happy place), but alas, I'm back at dreaded work.
Vacay photos to come, I swear.

Meanwhile, I finished reading this on our trip:

A love story between two "cancer kids" which is so romantic and ever so sad.
If you don't mind having a Kleenex box at the ready for a good wholesome dose of "life's not fair", then I definitely recommend this one.  It's just so very sweet.

Spoiler alert:  Do NOT watch the movie before reading the book.
It just won't be as good, I promise you.

P.S.  Pretty sure Hazel actually said (something like) that, not Gus.  But whatever.  Still one of my favorite lines.

Happy {summer} reading!

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Friday, June 19, 2015

The Friday Five

OMG, how is it freaking Friday already?!
This week has just zipped right by.
We've been busy with zoo camp, ice cream socials, preschool field trips and summer library programs, tending to the garden (a.k.a. the current bane of my existence) and planning for a relaxing week up north (followed immediately by my not-so-relaxing return to work)....hence, the lack of blogging.

But in the words of Olaf, "all good things, all good things."

Regardless, I'm looking forward to all the R&R that next week will bring.
Moreover, here's what's making me smile this week...

Heard this little tune at the end of "This is Where I Leave You".
(Fact:  Sometimes novels on your reading list become movies movies on HBO before you actually get around to reading them.)

My new wavy, mid-length hair.
Let's call it a "beachy lob".
I took these pics to my amazing hair stylist,
who embraced my reality of air drying 90% of the time
and created a fun, minimal effort 'do for my naturally wavy hair.
Thus, the unavoidable Midwestern summer humidity just became my bff.
You just need one of these for touch-ups.

Mortified, the podcast.
If you haven't checked this out, do so immediately.
Adults reading embarrassing things they wrote as kids - from diaries to fan letters to song lyrics.  Freaking hilarious!  And definitely makes my morning commute a wee bit better.

Zoo camp @ the Milwaukee County Zoo
Local parents, worth the ~$20/class!
Well, let me re-phrase that.
If your child is at least 3 (or maybe the later half of 2), it's worth the money!
My 3 year old had a blast learning all about his favorite zoo animal - the hippo.  The classroom was full of different crafting stations (including the making of a full hippo costume) followed by pretending to be hippos.  The hour-and-a-half class also included "circle time" learning, a short movie while munching on a hippo-like snack, along with a variety of books & puzzles (for the tikes who can't sit still that long).  The class ended by walking to see the real hippos and talking to their zookeeper.  So fun!  Even I learned some cool facts.
Still a few open classes left! {HERE}

All things "Father's Day"
My little ones have been busy crafting away at preschool/day care in preparation.  And I've been busy assembling treat bags myself!
I'd tell you more, but of course, it's a surprise.
Since I've been a major slacker on gift guides this year,
I will at least share this adorable piece on fatherly advice...

And a few more links, just because...

Fun earrings - and currently 30% off!

Side note:  J. Crew is about to become even more rad.

I think I also need this cookbook.

Great financial news for my fellow NP's out there!
(Though apparently my employer needs to get on this same page! Hint, hint.)

RIP beards!
(Husband, are you reading?! Peeeeeace!)

How to exercise at your desk.  Haha!

Summer tag sale over at anthropologie! a.k.a. up to 50% off.
You're welcome.

Some amazing summer homes over at Vogue.

And one more lovely little fatherly sentiment to end this post...

Happy {Father's Day} Weekend!

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend recap

What a whirlwind weekend...
celebrating a fabulous couple
(who looked a-mazing and threw one fantastic party!)
and cramming in as many favorite activities as one possibly can
during <48 hours in your hometown along the mighty Mississip'!

I'm so happy to be off this week,
as we are all exhausted from all the travel and fun.

Here's a quick reflection on the weekend's highlights
before I spend the remainder of my childrens' naps
up to my neck in laundry and unpacking
(only to re-pack again for our upcoming week up north!)

Here's hoping your weekend was just as lovely.

~ photos by bits of breezy ~

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Friday Five

Another crazy week of work,
each day followed by a busy domestic shift at home.
I am le tired.
TGIF - here's what's good...

Headed back to my hometown for a wedding weekend.
Driving with the huzz, this most likely equates to us listening to a lot of T-Swizzle.  (I know.  I KNOW.)
But even my kids like this one, so who am I to resist?

Summer is almost here!
Outdoor festivals + block parties!  Beach day!  Yard games!
Finally, some weather and activities that make us feel like never coming inside.

BB creams.
Namely, this one by Dr. Jart+.
I think this one is technically a tinted moisturizer, but regardless, I love how soft and slightly glowing it leaves my skin.

Downtown Dining Week
We chose Onesto - a "modern twist on Italian".  It was pretty good!
Though nothing beats a glass (or two) of good vino and al fresco dining.
Throw in your mom and mom-in-law for good company?  Winning!

This sentiment:

Breathe, mama.
And don't forget to sneak moments for yourself,
not only to remain sane, but also to feel like your very best self -
for you and everyone that loves you!

A few more interesting links for you...

Speaking of downtown dining, here are the 14 best places to grab brunch in MKE.

I am a huge proponent of freshly ground and brewed drip coffee from local roasters, like Anodyne.  But, here's even more reason to ditch those K-cups.

How to spray perfume so it lasts.

A Judy Blume novel for adults?!  This probably needs to be read.

A marriage proposal measured in heartbeats.  Precious.

Wedding registry gifts you'll use 10 years later (and ones you won't).  Great list!

I'm getting a haircut today, and this thought couldn't be more accurate.

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

West Elm, Milwaukee style

Last week, I mentioned how ecstatic I am that West Elm has opened a store in Milwaukee's historic third ward.  Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of shopping after-hours at a special opening week event!  

Here are some of my favorites...
(I would actually like them to style my mid-century ranch from top to bottom.  Okay?  Thanks.)

Loving this mix of throw pillows, the light pendants,
the pops of color, and that couch!

Up to 30% off rugs!

This little cluster of light fixtures is like the glass equivalent
of Nelson bubble lamps and I am in love.

Adorable little mercury glass tea light votives!
How perfect for your summery evening tablescapes...

I'm not sure how, but I managed to escape
with only a throw pillow and hand towel.  
(Probably because I was shopping here moments before.)

They are so incredibly lucky to have such a gorgeous store space
(that natural light! swooning!)
in an ideal downtown location, just across from the Public Market.
When can I move in?

Check out their facebook page to claim a 15% off your entire purchase coupon through June 21st!
(Or, 20% off your entire purchase if you open a credit card.)

You're welcome.

~ photos by bits of breezy / image of votives via west elm ~