Monday, June 4, 2012


If you live in Wisconsin, I hope you get out and vote tomorrow
in the history-making Governor recall election...
No matter what your opinion.
Remember, it's your civil duty!
(And if you don't vote, you have absolutely no right to complain.)

I hate to get too political.
Faux pas!  Faux pas!
But hey, this is my  blog and I can say whatever the hell I want.
And I just happen to think the following sentiments need to be stated,
and if nothing else, should at least be thought-provoking to you.

I am normally SO PROUD to call myself a Wisconsinite.
Packers!  Badgers!  Cheese!  Beer!
Midwestern charm and "God's Country"!
(Once upon a time) 2nd overall in public education
with an award-winning Medicaid program for children and the disabled!
Not any more.  Thanks to ol' Scotty boy.

But then again, the residents of Wisconsin elected
(or did not  vote in 2010, resulting in the election of)
a Governor who got kicked out of Marquette for cheating/dirty politics.
With a measly GPA of 2.3.
Did he even really graduate high school?  I wonder.
His personal lack of value on education
makes his attack on Wisconsin teachers
and cuts to public education come at no surprise.
Anyone with young children should be concerned for their future!
(Read:  Too large class sizes taught by less-experienced teachers.)

And don't even get me started on his "war on women"...
In April 2012, Walker quietly repealed Wisconsin's Equal Pay Law,
turning the clock back about 50 years for Wisconsin women.
Even if I have the same educational and employment credentials on my resume,
because I don't have a penis,
I am no longer guaranteed equal pay to my male counterparts in this state?!?
I'm sorry, is it 2012?  Or pre-1963?!
He also quietly repealed the Healthy Youth Act in April 2012.
And signed 3 anti-abortion and anti-contraception bills into law the same month.
This means your teenage daughters/granddaughters/nieces won't be able to learn about abstinence and/or safe means of contraception in schools
because teaching sexual health has been banned.
They will no longer have access to cervical cancer screenings.
And when they become adults, they won't be able to get coverage for contraception
or routine breast cancer screenings in their insurance policies.
With health care insurance viewed as a "privilege" in this country,
programs like Planned Parenthood are ESSENTIAL for preventative health in low-income and young female populations.

And these laws are not about "protecting religious freedoms"...
If your religious beliefs do not include contraception, then DON'T USE IT.
If your religious beliefs do not include abortion, then DON'T HAVE ONE.
Separation of church and state, people.
Just because YOU believe one thing, does not give you the right to force those same beliefs on everyone else.
No, these laws are about making women subservient to conservative men regarding their reproductive health.

Therefore, I don't care how much money you have,
or what your profession is,
or if you're currently unemployed...
I honestly do not understand how ANY respectable woman in this state can support Scott Walker.  

And in regards to the job numbers? 
After reading this, I am devastated.
Rarely are we ranked LAST in anything!
With a state motto of "Forward", these stats are absolutely disappointing.

(Despite your shady commercials, Scotty,
that you hoped would lead us to think otherwise,
these stats (read: facts) are straight from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.)

With that being said, however, most of us deserve our current station in life.
Depending on the career paths we've chosen,
and the level of education and/or training we've pursued and attained,
we are, ultimately, exactly where we've chosen to be.
And if that means "unemployment" for you,
what are you doing about it?
(Besides applying for positions you may not be currently qualified for?)
Better yourself!

Do NOT even get me going on his ridiculous,
makes-Sarah-Palin-look-intelligent side-kick, Rebecca Kleefisch.
Oh, you didn't realize they're different people?  Understandable.
Here they are, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum:

Channeling the devil in their ridiculous, red, curve-hugging suits.
Keep drinking the "tea" ladies!

I digress.

Along those lines,
 whether your passion is for health care reform, education, job creation, etc.
 please keep the following notions in mind come November as well!
(Again, ESPECIALLY if you are a FEMALE and value your HEALTH.)

Amen, brother.  A-men.
And I say that as a practicing Catholic.
Quite frankly, anyone else who thinks otherwise terrifies me.
(I'm lookin' at you Mitty Titty.)

Or, how about this one in regards to same-sex marriage?

Touché, you hypocritical redneck. Tou-freakin'-ché.

I mean, C'mon, Americans.  Really?! 
Let's not move backwards, shall we?
This is 2012!
What kind of message are we trying to send to our children?!
Special treatment for only the upper crust?
Continue to make access to health care a "privilege" vs. a "basic human right"?
Take away all women's freedoms?
Stone the gays?
Don't be yourself, don't dare to be different?
Ugh.  Not in my house!

Whether you like B.O. as Prez or not,
let's face it:
Picking a far right candidate is like
choosing what STD you'd like to have.
A definite lose-lose, in my opinion!

Anyhoo, that's my rant.
And I'm stickin' to it.

Regardless of YOUR beliefs,
please get out and rock the vote!
Polls open from 7:00am to 8:00pm tomorrow.
So no excuses!

P.S.  I welcome/encourage all comments...
I'd honestly LOVE to hear the opposing opinion!

~images via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / pinterest x 3~

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