Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dad is Rad

...the theme to my Father's Day shindig!

It seems as though every Father's Day craft idea on Pinterest involves ties.
Which, don't get me wrong, could be cute,
but seemed a little too cliche and boring for my daddy dearest.

Enter:  My stylin' son and husband for inspiration.
(They are both pretty cool dudes.)

Then, set up your backyard so that is conducive to grilling, games,
& conversation, with a somewhat "vintage" rad vibe.

Soundtrack?  Mayer Hawthorne Pandora station.

Banner reflects the color of our house.

Custom beer labels.
My favorite element!

Bonus:  Place on Lakefront Brewery summer beers to commemorate the fact
that we lived only a few blocks from here on Daddy A's first Father's Day! 

Pull inspiration from the baby's shades for wrapping gifts.

Menu must include a wide variety of meats...and mayo-based picnic salads.
(Daddy loves potato salad and 'slaw.)
Oh, and coolers full of beer!
And water...it was hotter than Hades.

Why not make it a meat tower?!
I somehow could not capture it in all it's meaty glory...
the "Ludlow" cheeseburgers and beer brats and hot dogs disappeared too quickly.
But you get the idea!

One thing the huzz and I miss about Chicago are the hot dogs.
So I created the ultimate condiment station,
including hot peppers, caramelized onions, 'kraut,
as well as a "Chicago-style" relish
composed of cucumbers, tomatoes, & pickles in a mustard vinaigrette.

Make "beer box caddies" to hold utensils, napkins, salt & pepper,
and most importantly, sunscreen, and bug spray!
(If guests leave with a sunburn and bug bites, it's not your fault!)

To make a spoof of the big bad beard Dad sprouted post-baby,
why not make facial hair on sticks for everyone?

(Including baby!)

P.S.  These two brought local growlers of beer, rootbeer, and vanilla ice cream.
Floats, anyone?! 
What a GREAT summer hostess gift.
Love, love, love.

Adorn baby in a "Dad" outfit...
(Oops, someone partied too hard.)

Make sure at least one grandpa and/or great grandpa is also in attendance.


If your guest of honor likes to play games as much as mine,
make sure you have ladder golf or "bags" set up for ample gaming!

Very important:
Make sure you get a few shots of dad and baby on their special day!

And if you're feeling extra Martha Stewart-y,
("Hi, my name is Brianna.  Have we met?")
make your husband a homemade, signature ice cream for dessert.
His flavor of choice?
Banana-Butter Pecan in Sugar Cones

Leftovers perfect for post-party TV-watching and cuddling with
the little person who makes all of this celebrating possible!

I hope it was a wonderful first Father's Day for you, my dear,
and that you know just how very much you are loved,
not only by me,
but by this sweet little guy!
Cheers to many more!

My two favorites.

~photos by b~

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