Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday finds

The Lumineers.
Nice background music for quietly working on NP applications, straightening up, etc. while your little one naps.
Here's my favorite, as it reminds me of me and the huzz:

You can listen to more {HERE}.

P.S.  I literally just heard a snippet of this song on some stupid Google commercial.
Please don't over-play and ruin it for me!!

White pants.
It's past Memorial Day, so 'tis the season!
She looks incredible in this bold top over white skinnies, no?

(I, on the other hand, will have to plug in quite a few more miles on the treadmill
before I can pull of the white + skinny combo.)

Lakehouse living.
Namely this fab family room:

I would love nothing more than to relax by that stunning fireplace
with my loved ones after a day of fun in the sun!
Indoor s'mores anyone?

Graeter's Mocha Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
French press coffee + dark chocolate chips = Orgasm in your mouth.
Blows "Espresso Oreo" right out of the water.
~$3.99-$4.99/pint at Whole Foods.


Encouragement for New Moms
I have to say this list, for the most part, is pretty spot on.
Read it {HERE}.

Must file away for future use!

And several more fun links because I'm just feeling that spunky....

  • To make you {laugh}...specifically all my RN/healthcare friends out there! (Warning:  I spit coffee at the computer screen because I was laughing so hard!)                                                                 
  • To {inspire} you.
  • And some food for your {belly} and {thoughts}.

Happy weekend, loves!

~images via 9to5chic, martha stewart via coco+kelley, Graeter's, & pinterest~

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  1. Correction: it is a Bing commercial. And I just saw it again. Grrrrr.