Sunday, June 10, 2012

Missing you

It's been 11 years since we lost our Grandma 'Line,
and not a day goes by without me thinking of her.
So much has happened in my life since her passing.
So much that I wish she would have been here for...
college graduations,
and now, especially, the birth of my son.
(Gosh, that woman loved babies!
She would just be swooning over the newest family members! )

Yet, I can honestly say, I have felt her presence
during each one of those special occasions.
And not only on "special" days, but in EVERY day.
I think of her every time I straighten up a room or make certain foods.
I think of her every time I pray to St. Anthony when I've misplaced my keys.
I can feel her presence in the walls of the Lansing house.
I see her in my own mother, as she takes on the role of grandparent.
I can still hear her laugh.
I can hear the sound of her voice, sharing words of encouragement or comfort.
I can hear her singing as I hum lullabies to my sleeping son.
I can even see her face when I close my eyes,
that twinkle of her green eyes not lost in my memory.

I can only pray that she's watching from a comfortable seat above,
looking down on us as we continue to live our lives.
Lives that I hope still make her proud.

Grandma, I have those moments ALL the time.
Wishing you were here, but forever in my heart...
We love you!

~image via pinterest / photos by b~

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