Saturday, March 31, 2012

Classe Degaine

That's Elle France for "spring brights rule the world."

Not to mention those models' gorgeous ombre, wavy locks!
They scream "get me to a beach, STAT!"
Or, "touch me and catch a whiff - I ooze coconut and sunshine."

Much more {HERE}.

~images via because i'm addicted~

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cosmopolitan creation

Another gorgeous home, via Lonny.
Namely, the chic Brooklyn, NY home of a diplomat's daughter,
Victoria de la Camara.

Simple.  Elegant.  Hints of masculinity.
Crisp white with black & natural accents.

The kind of place where you want to invite an old friend over,
cuddle up on the couch with a bottle of smooth petite syrah,
and let good conversation flow into the evening.

Here she shares her favorite design shops, 
which are clearly reflected in her personal aesthetic.

Some of her tips on re-creating this look:

I couldn't agree more.
(And LOVE her last tip about affordable art!)

And now I can't help but feel the need to go de-clutter my living room.
Right. Now.

~images via Lonny~

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beauty bins

How cute are these storage ideas for your make-up brushes and supplies?
So much neater (not to mention sanitary) than storing together in a pouch.

First, my personal fave...

Coffee beans + square vase

Vintage tumblers or votives

Glass beads + square vase

Spray-painted mason jars

I think any one would look adorable atop a vanity!
Which one's your favorite?

~images via made by girl, notting hill girl, & pinterest x 2~

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Short skirt and a..."bright" jacket

Not quite what the band Cake had in mind, but regardless... 

Bright spring trenches are where it's at, peeps!

Loving this bold blue (with fun gold buttons) + equally bold floral scarf.

And bright green anything screams that spring is here.
I am particularly digging this chic, tailored coat...

No need to splurge to look like a million bucks!
Fun finds can be found on the cheap at places like Old Navy and H&M.

Let's just continue to roll that beautiful bold jacket footage, shall we?
Okay, let's...

Will this be a trend upon which you jump aboard?

~images via truly x 2, 9to5chic, pinterest x 2, cupcakes&cashmere, & cup of jo~

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Party tubs

I think these party tubs are so much fun!

Beehive party tubs
$14.99 each, via Container Store

I especially like the "Ocean Drive" hue.
(bottom left)

Not only would these be great storage vessels for ice-cold beverages at your first outdoor BBQ of 2012, but I also think they'd make cute toy bins for your child's nursery, no?

Or, an adorable gift box...say, for a BBQ-themed gift!
(Mother's Day and Father's Day will be here before you know it.)
You could fill it with his (or her) favorite beer,
along with fun new grilling utensils and picnic supplies.
Voila! Instant, fun, & practical gift.

~image via Container Store~

Monday, March 26, 2012

Woodland retreat

Seriously DROOLING over the March/April issue of Lonny.
Too much amazing-ness to feature just one abode,
so I'll be highlighting all of my favorites over the next couple of weeks.
If you can't wait, or want to check out the fabulous photos in all their full-size glory,
be sure to check out Lonny's spring issue - {HERE}.

First up?
This amazing "woodland retreat" in the LA hills.

I am obsessed with homes that incorporate nature into the interiors.
It just feels so fresh and so clean (clean)!

This space especially brings the forest-meets-African desert vibe to life.
Here are some of my favorite shots from the feature...

I cannot get over the pristine look of these concrete floors.
They almost look like marble.

I crave floor-to-ceiling windows.  It makes you feel like you're sitting outdoors, right in the comfort of your very own living room.  Don't even get me started on all of that refreshing natural light!

I am loving their closet bar
complete with the ever-popular and stylish "Scalamandre" wallpaper - 
the perfect pop of color and fun for small spaces.

In case you want some for yourself - {HERE}.

And this dining room?! I DIE.
The lights!  The plants!  That giant wall art!

The contrasting walls/ceiling!  And those chairs?!?!  Adore.

Even the sleeping quarters reek of peace and calm.

Finally, some tips to re-create these "woodland" looks in your very own home:

That last tip is especially spot-on, no?

I cannot WAIT to incorporate more of these elements into my living space.
Not to mention that this spread makes me even more excited for the lovely spring weather, with all it's sunshine and crisp breezes.


What do you think?

~images via Lonny~

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Citrus-herb salmon

Pan-seared Citrus Herb Salmon
Original recipe via "The Comfort of Cooking"

Ever since I fell in love with salmon en papillote {HERE},
I've been reluctant to try any other salmon recipe.
But, I'm glad I tried this one.
This dinner came together in about 15 minutes.
No excuses not to cook healthy, people!

The only thing I did differently was cook it all on the stove top
(versus finishing it in the oven).
Once I flipped it, I basted it in the butter sauce,
added the fresh-squeezed lemon juice,
then lowered the heat and placed a lid over it to steam-cook the rest of the way,
~ 5-7 minutes, depending on the thickness of your salmon fillet(s).

I served it with quick-cooking whole wheat couscous,
chock full of dried cranberries, toasted almonds, and extra lemon zest/juice & parsley.

Add some amazing Greek salad from the deli counter!

Dinner in an instant!

~image 1 via the comfort of cooking / photos by b~ 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy (spring) weekend!

Windows cracked open 
to let in the cool breezes & scent of fresh hyacinth,
as a few spring showers fall down onto the roof...

enjoying homemade pumpkin pancakes & cafe au laits,
under down blankets,
savoring the last few days as a family of two,
listening to this fitting tune on repeat:

And eventually having some fun "playing house" in the garden!

Lone daffodil in the gravel pit  soon-to-be veggie garden.  Cute!

In addition to what is already sprouting,
found out we can expect lilies, ferns, peonies, moon plants, & hostas - 
just to name a few!
(Hopefully with the help of Google I can develop a green thumb overnight.)

I have some extra herb seed packets (basil, cilantro, & rosemary)...
might as well throw them into the mix!
(That is, until I can be sure we are frost-free to plant my potted herbs and tomatoes.)

Gotta love surprise perennials!

Contemplating whether or not to get a fire pit for the upcoming warm nights??
(Is that a resounding "YES!" I hear?)
And dreaming about these gorgeous Viva Terra chairs for outdoor seating...

All the while feeling exactly like this:

"Feel the tide turning..."

Life is good.

~photos by b / image via viva terra & deana johnson photography~

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday favorite things

Ponchos, spring-style.
I'm talking creamy, cashmere deliciousness for those crisp early spring days.
I'll take this one, please:

(Now if only I knew where it were from!)

Monochromatic, over-sized art.
I especially love this idea in blue hues.
Cases in point:

(Hey if you're not lucky enough to live right on the water,
why not make yourself delusional?)

Pretty scents for small spaces.

Thinking I might like my closet (and  all it's contents) to smell like this.
Roses + Black currant
Classy without smelling like an old lady!
Perhaps it'd mask any malodorous scents from post-baby days sans-showers?!
(Plus I have a gift certificate, so I wouldn't feel too guilty about the price.)

Dark chocolate ice cream.  

This one appears to be on the super creamy side.  Yummo!
I had a taste of dark chocolate ice cream via Milwaukee's Purple Door Creamery
at the Yelp "Brew City Bash" a couple weeks ago.
But here's a recipe I can make at home, sans the ice cream maker!
{HERE} via Cafe Fernando by way of Cup of Jo.

"11 Ways to Uncomplicate Your Life"

There isn't anyone I know who couldn't benefit from at least one of these tips.

TGIF, m'dears!
And happy weekend to you!

~images via 9to5chic, belle maison, pinterest, Nordstrom, cup of jo, & marc and angel hack life,