Wednesday, June 20, 2012

3 months old!

The babe turned 12 weeks on Monday.
Can you believe it?!?

We're guessing he weighs approximately 13+ pounds now.
Cute little rolls abound on his arms and legs and tummy!
It seems he's getting more and more hair everyday...
Some days it looks strawberry blond, other days it looks brown.
His wide, bright eyes remain a crisp blue.
He continues to giggle and coo up a storm,
though especially seems to be a morning person.

He still loves bath time...though now makes the Puj tub look a little small.

He continues to be a good eater, breastfeeding ~8 times per day...
including at least once from a bottle by Dad!
He sleeps at night anywhere from 4-8 hours straight.  Wahooo!

He enjoys being "in the mix"...a.k.a. being held so that he can scan the room freely,
often sitting upright on your lap like a "big boy."

He still isn't too keen on tummy time,
but has started to make serious push-off efforts,
indicating rolling over and even crawling are not too far away.

He loves his noisy soft blocks, Sofie the Giraffe, empty plastic wipe bags to kick,
the color red,
and to our surprise, his "WubbaNub" pacifier with "Clifford" the red dog.
He literally grips onto Cliff for dear life!

Perhaps this new-found love has to do with his fixation on putting things, including his whole hand, into his mouth.  Along with an increase in drooling and "spit bubbles", we're thinking a tooth or two are also not far off.
And he is learning to grab and grasp things much more efficiently!

He LOVES to stretch and wildly swing his limbs, especially on the activity gym.
(He seems to have it out for that poor purple elephant!)

He enjoys learning to sit up in his Bumbo seat.

And he likes napping and watching his mom cook from his swing,
all the while relaxing to piano music or "Classical Baby" on HBO.

Perhaps the thing we love most are his huge, toothless grins.
He smiles at us all  the time...
When we go to pick him up out of the crib.
When Dad comes in the door from work.
When Mom walks into the room.
When he rips a loud #2.
When a grandparent plays with him.
Those smiles are precious and priceless!
 My heart melts each and every time.
I honestly didn't know I could feel so loved by someone
who cannot even speak a word.

(those little lip dimples kill  me!)

Looking forward to see what fun surprises and milestones
the next month has to bring!
We LOVE YOU, sweet Little Man!

~photos by b~

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