Friday, May 29, 2015

The Friday Five

This song is relatively new, but sounds rather old and familiar, no?

Spring layers
It's finally time for beachy hair, sunglasses, white!, fun sandals, and cute statement jackets.
Yes to all of it!

Mrs. Meyers' "Radish" Scent
I just bought a giant jug of this all-purpose cleaner because:
a. I found the springy scent to be ridiculously clean-smelling
b. No harsh chemicals
c. It was 25% off on the Target Cartwheel app!
You can also get it {HERE}.

Espelt "Corali"
Another notable (and affordable!) rose`!
Dry, slightly fruity, but not at all too sweet.
Try it!

"Forest Mondays"
Did you happen to hear this amazing piece on NPR's All Things Considered ?
One of my favorite things about our son's preschool is their "outdoors"curriculum, from the children's own garden to field trips to catch butterflies to painting with daisies in the outdoor classroom.  We also love exploring our very own yard looking at all the birds' nests and searching for frogs and worms.  So Forest Mondays, Woodsy Wednesdays, Weekends in the Wild - whatever you want to call them! - sign me up and let's get those kiddos outdoors A.S.A.P.!

And a few more fun links, just because...

More rose` wines to try this summer (Because I just. can't. stop.)

...which would pair remarkably well with this beautiful quinoa salad.

The legal age you can leave your kids at home (by state).  Interesting!

This before-and-after home renovation is just to die.

This towel collection is adorable and perfectly fit for a guest bath.

This is a valid threat...and also made me LOL.

Have a wonderful weekend, m'loves!

~images via, Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, / photo by bits of breezy~

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Crop top craze

Ridin' in your drop top with your crop top
Saw you switchin' lanes, girl...

Okay, so that's not really how those lyrics go,
but that's how they're going today.
(And I still really like that song. Whatevs.)

I am generally not a fan of this look,
but when done tastefully,
(read: not on a prom dress, not too much skin, and not overly 80's paired with faded denim high-rise shorts)
 crop tops can be super cute for the summer season

And according to this, crop tops can work on all body types.

Date night attire, anyone?

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Word up Wednesday

Some inspiring sentiments to get you through the rest of the week!


Cheers to you and to a very happy {hump} day!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mama Mondays : Normalize breastfeeding

It's Tuesday, but whatever.
Feels like a Monday!

Did you see this controversial cover of Elle Australia last week?
It prompted a #normalizebreastfeeding craze.

I thought it was a beautiful photo, probably the most glamorous shot of breastfeeding out there.  This super model mommy looks so gorgeous, happy, and relaxed which is nice to see in a time when women feel the need to "cover up" when breastfeeding in public.

 I imagine myself to have looked just as stunning while feeding my babies, when in actuality, my breastfeeding magazine cover would have looked something akin to this:

...mismatched pajama attire, unkempt hair, no make-up, generally tired-on-the-brink-of-crazy appearing whilst being accosted by little sharp fingernails.
You know, very "mom"-esque.

But, thankfully, nowhere near as bad as this:

(Still one of the funniest breastfeeding pieces I've ever come across.)

Breastfeeding is such a normal and integral part of motherhood for so many.  It truly is such a natural process and such a bonding experience, which I can fully glean from looking at that perfect photo of a mother and son.  I wish more publications would be ballsy enough to do more pieces like this (and actually leave them on the shelves) for all of us breastfeeding mamas to read.

My breastfeeding days, public or otherwise, are currently on hiatus.
Instead, we spent our time being silly zoo-goers today where I've moved from
a first-time mom who clumsily and prudishly attempted to cover up with my "hooter hider" on the most discreet bench around to a mom who attempted to publicly breastfeed wherever possible whilst watching a runaway toddler to currently a mom who attempts to chase after two adventurous toddlers and coral them (along with stroller, diaper bags, etc.) into "a" toilet stall the instant I hear a little voice shout "my potty's comin' out!" and pray that one's potty actually makes it into the toilet without the other one touching something completely disgusting.  Whew!

Hope you had a great Memorial Day!

~ images via Elle Australia on Yahoo & the sassy curmudgeon / photos by bits of breezy ~

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Friday Five

TGIF, m'loves!
Here's what's good this week...

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
Looking forward to seeing them at Summer Fest,
but will they be the same without crazy ass Jade?
Time will tell.

ThinkBaby sunscreen
A touch on the pricey side, but your kids are worth it!
Top EWG rating (read: no biologically harmful chemicals).
SPF 50.
Water resistant.
Delectable (yet subtle) orange scent. 
Perfect size for the diaper bag and/or for sending to day care!

Trader Joe's Creamy Toscano Cheese soaked in Syrah
This cheese is amazing - and a steal at the price of $7.99 a pound.
We're talking like $3.99 for a wedge!
A cross between a firm aged cheddar and a nutty, salty Parm.

Impromptu lunch dates with your M.I.L. (that involve wine).
Sorry if this is not "a thing" in your life.
Future daughters-in-law, don't worry - I'm taking notes!

Loving on all things "spring" around the crib,
from blossoming crab apples and the scent of fresh lilacs
to adorable, early fawns.
Be still my heart!


"These smell 'licious!"

And a few more links, just because...

7 tips for ordering the perfect glass of wine.

The Pretty Procrastinator planning book.  Want!

Loving these animal prints for a play room or child's bedroom.

Spring hair color trend .  I can kinda dig.

Olivia Palermo's "Rules of Style" (When this fashionista speaks, you listen.)

Memorial Day menu, anyone?

Have a great {long!} weekend, y'all!

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

To lob or not to lob?

That is the question.
I've been debating whether or not to chop my long locks for weeks.
Summer is on the horizon,
or at least it is by calendar (screw you, mother nature!).

Moreover, I'm feeling like Anne Hathaway crawling on the streets in Les Mis,
only someone would be doing me a favor by shaving my head.
I seriously look homeless most days.

Hence, the idea of the long bob, or "lob".,,,

Short enough to be a change from my current 'do,
long enough to still pull back as needed.

Style with texture spray and air dry on busy and/or humid summer days.
More "lob" styling tips {HERE}.

P.S.  Does a "lob" insinuate the need for a heinous duck face?
Ew.  I pray not.

Decisions, decisions!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Blah...and The Bachelorette!

No "Mama Mondays" post this week,
as this mama has a big ol' fat case of the "blahs".
For starters, I did something to my upper back (either from over-doing the upper body barre workouts, picking up/carrying toddlers all day, and/or falling asleep on the couch in precarious positions every night).
It's making me feel like a gimpy, lazy, boring mom.
And for whatever reason, none of my children are listening to me this week.
Physically and emotionally (and for it only being Tuesday!),
I. Am. Drained.

On the bright side, my snarky mood has inspired me to instead share my Bachelorette first impressions with you while my children nap.

First off, if those idiots pick Kelly Kapowski Britt (ugh), I'm done.
(Not really, but you know what I mean.)

Contestants, in a nut shell:

The drunk, Ryan
(who apparently is Juan Pablo's Nikki's ex-boyfriend - say no more).
We should've played a drinking game each time he yelled "I'm horned up!" 
Maybe then we could've been as "white boy wasted" as he...which, along with telling a rape joke and slapping Kaitlyn's ass, ultimately got him booted off.
But his convo with "Chris Hanson" was quite possibly the best scene of the night (right behind him falling out of the pool yet sparing his beer)...even closed captioning couldn't decipher his drunken slurs. Dying!)

A crooning fart.
A blond Jimmy Fallon? Who seriously appears to always be inhaling a fart.
"Britt's amazinggggg....pffffffffftttttt."

A dentist in a cupcake.

A marmot.
(Or muscrat...heated debate between the huzz and I.  You be the judge.)

A "healer"...who:
a. resembles Jim Carey
b. are we gonna just pretend that he didn't have a black eye?!?
c. felt "energy" from Britt, compelling him to vote for her

Enter: this season's Kelsey wacko.

An "amateur sex coach"
...who pulled up in a hot tub car and happens to look like the spawn of Ian Ziering and a box of Ogalvie home perm.  P.S.  Doesn't being a sex coach imply that you're good at sex?  He really doesn't look like he's very good at sex.
Just, sayin'.

A poor man's Ryan Gosling.
(mixed with a touch of Macklemore.)

A Thor look-a-like.

A bunch of Mr. Potato Heads with English teeth.
Case in point, numero uno:

Confirmed: he was slugging red wine all night...and apparently swishing.
Talk to the cupcake dentist, buddy!

And a decent amount of seemingly genuine, sweet guys 
who, overall, appear to be there for the "right reasons."

Oh, and Chris Harrison on a triceratops...

Can't wait to see who they pick and get on with this season's mindless drama and ridiculousness!

Are you watching??
It's okay.  This might make you feel better if you're honest and admit that you do.


~images via People,, ABC, People, ABC, ABC,,, ABC & Eonline via twitter~

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Friday Five

Last day on service, then off for 2 weeks!
Party on, peeps.  Party on.
And nothing says "party" like...

Bruno Mars singing "Uptown Funk" on Ellen.
I know, I know.  This song is old news.
But considering my toddlers absolutely adore it, we listen to it... A LOT.
And I cannot deny that I'd really like to be a member of this very audience.
Bruno is one funky, little dude, no?

Maybeline "Baby Lips" lipgloss
This drug store discovery is certainly not new to this blog,
but my love and admiration has recently been rekindled
with all the fun, new colors.
Nothing can ever beat subtle color + moisturizing balm.
In fact, they're right up there with this for just a fraction of the price!

Date night
Lake Park Bistro.  On a Wednesday.  Just because.
Hells to the yes.
Bonus: Free dessert for being "favorite table of the night"!
As if you're surprised.
We are people who relish special treatment...and don't get out much!

Outdoor dining spaces
Is it time yet? Is it time yet?
We Midwesterners have been really patient.

10-minute Barre Workouts
Supplement to cardio and/or better-than-nothing-on-busy-days.
If you're not hurting afterwards, then you're not doing it right.

And a few more fun links...

Guess what's back on Monday night?  Yessssssss.  So bad, yet so good.

How to style your console table.

Where to grab a rooftop beer in the MKE.

Continuing Ed for the post-college decades.  Consider me enrolled!

Salted chocolate chunk cookies.  You had me at "salted chocolate."

A graphic warning to skip the tanning bed.  Eeeks.

This color for my next mani, please.

A West Village apartment that'll make you wish you were this Boho chic.


Happy Friday, y'all!

~images via, / pics by bitsofbreezy~

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sage advice

Truer words may never have been spoken.

Someone needs to shout this into my ears, over and over and over.
Because right now, I feel like we're literally only one more child's toy or stack of papers away from starring in an episode of Hoarders.

Thus, I've designated my next block off as "spring cleaning" and "full-on purge mode" before it's officially rummage sale / Goodwill donating season.
Wish me luck!
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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Neutra numbers

Our mid-century ranch needs these.
Richard Neutra would insist.

$27 each via DWR / ~$5 each for Home Depot knock-offs

Either way, they will be mine!

~images via,, houzz, apartment therapy~ 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Anthro faves

Anyone else think the latest anthropologie catalog was the bee's knees?
And make you long for summer even more?

Drool worthy pics as follows:

Floral frocks for all those summer weddings

Adorable (and figure-flattering) peplum tanks

Swing tanks + shorts
Pair with a fun necklace and you're good to go!
{HERE} and {HERE}

Tunics!  Apropos for pretty much any outing.
{HERE} and {HERE}

Sexy one-piece swimsuits
(Yes, "sexy" and "one-piece" are becoming an actual thing.)

Asymmetrical maxi skirts,
a.k.a. summer's yoga pant.

I could keep going, but who has the time...or funds.

~images via anthropologie~