Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday finds

I swear the weeks are flying by!
How is already Friday again?
Here are some of the things I am loving this week...

A perfect song...
for cleaning/getting ready/dancing around the living room
(with or without your baby).
Kick off your weekend right with none other than the poppy Robyn!

Note to self:  Will be performing at Summerfest this year.
Could be fun, no?

The perfect bright, orange-y red nail color.
"Geranium" and "Lollipop" by Essie.
Get some.


Lower ab workout.
A post-partum "must"!
(Hey, the post-natal belt can only do so much.)

While we're on the topic of good health....Kefir!
Gywneth Paltrow would be proud of my daily consumption of this
immune-boosting, digestion-aiding "super" food.
Tastes kind of like Yo-J or Go-Gurt...remember that stuff??
Only it makes you shit your brains out.  (In the best possible way.)
All I know is that I can drink it and still have a hand free to tend to my infant.
And it tastes like a creamy smoothie.

On the radar? Chia Kombucha.
Read all about them both {HERE}.

Doing the deed.
Now that my vagine is healed, I've been given the clear by my OB
to get down with the gettin' down.
 (TMI? Sorry.)
Thus, I found these reads to be quite fascinating.

Marriage Sex:  {HERE}

What Guys Really Want Girls to Wear to Bed:  {HERE}

P.S.  Lately, I'm with Joanna...hiking socks and pj's sound about the norm.
Make mine milk-soaked.

Happy Weekend!

~images via, pinterest, unknown, & Cup of Jo~

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