Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday cards

Tomorrow is December 1st!
That means it's time to start working on sending those holiday cards out STAT!
Mine went out in the mail yesterday.
(I know.  Can you believe it?)

So many designs to choose from!
Here were some of my faves...

Final product to be premiered soon...

(In an era where snail mail is nearly non-existent,
I wouldn't want to take away the surprise factor from my loved ones!)

~Images via minted & meohmy~

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Diamond ball locket

Where can I find a knock-off of this?
(J. Crew, I'm looking at you.)

I adore sentimental pieces.
I'd put momentos of my two boys in this baby and keep them next to my heart always.

But first, I'd need 2 G's.

~image via hip hip gin gin~

Monday, November 28, 2011

Road rage

I don't exactly have the cleanest of language.
I tend to love throwing in a well placed "fuck" or "shit"
to really drive my point home.
But when the hell did I learn to be such a
Walmart redneck Republican when it comes to driving?!?!
I blame the FIB license plate that has been affixed to my car for the past 5 years.

I was on my way into work the other day, and on the drive,
I got stuck behind this stupid rusty Lumina mini-van.
You know the type...
The kind of vehicle that looks like it was on its last leg in 1991.
(The same likely being said for its driver.)
That car that consistently taps on its brakes for no apparent reason,
insists on driving in the left lane despite going 15 mph below the speed limit,
and fails to ever use  a turn signal
(probably because they haven't been functioning this century).

Enter: Soundtrack for the remainder of this post:

Now, normally, I don't care what kind of person you are
when I see you on the street.
I pride myself on being a very open person who will not judge you
on the color of your skin, your sexual preference, or your size.
However, apparently I become a total and utter ignorant redneck when I get behind the wheel in rush hour traffic.
Any stereotype or derogatory word I can think of about the driver in front of me
comes flying out of my mouth at 100 mph.
This is magnified when I am stuck in traffic and trying to get somewhere on time.
(Note:  I consider "on time" being 15 minutes early.
This philosophy tends to increase my stress level immensely.)  

Back to the Lumina.
I witness this extremely  obese white arm toss Taco Bell wrappers
out the window and right onto the freeway.
I found myself in a rage!  Calling the lady driver in this particular car a fat ass bitch.
I honked and hollered,
"WTF Michelin Man! This isn't the GD dump!"
Not to mention,
where the hell did she find a T-Bell open at 6:30am?!?
Fat people connections.

But seriously, did I really just call this person who, granted was littering and driving insanely slow, a fat ass bitch?  I don't know her or her situation.
She may have an underactive thyroid gland.
Maybe there was a giant bug on that wrapper and she simply lost her shit.
Maybe she is a totally nice person who brakes for squirrels.
(FYI - I don't brake for squirrels, they are fuckwads.
Judge me if you must).

Regardless, I immediately felt horrible remorse & consciously told myself to stop.
As angry as I can get with this lady in front of me,
it's not going to change her speed or her shitty driving & littering habits.

No need to develop pre-eclampsia over a half-eaten Chalupa
on a road I soon no longer ever have to drive on.
So, I am going to attempt to be more Zen on the road from now on.
(Occasionally allowing myself to dream of what it would be like to have James Bond
sniper guns affixed to the sides of my Toyota Yaris
and how great it would feel to blow her big beefy butt off the road,
straight into the wrath of Al Gore.)

But if not for me, I will do it for Baby.
Lord knows I don't want his first word to be a four-letter one. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pom pom mobile

I am so making these for the nursery.
I picture shades of light blues and greens.

Sturdier than tissue paper pom poms,
and oh so adorable.
Especially with cute ribbon!

They'd also make fun party decor, no?

Their inexpensiveness doesn't hurt either.

~image via a simple kind of life~

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Coiffe conundrum

Pregnancy hormones have left my normally thick hair,
thin and shedding.

I usually like to rock long, wavy locks during the winter months...

...but with these latest follicular developments,
I'm thinking a major trim might be necessary.

What do you think of the following shoulder-length bobs?

Cute or uggo?

First zits, now hair loss, what next?
Oh, that's right.
Expanding waistline, pedal edema, episiotomies, and mastitis.

Love you, baby.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Anthro love

Do you think anthropologie has big after-Thanksgiving sales?
Worth a peak, I say.

I'm loving the following looks...

Fun coats and tights.

Big necklaces and sequined skirts.

Flowy frocks.

And if Nicole over at me oh my can still rock Anthro at 32 weeks,
I think I should be able to pull it off at 22 weeks.

I want that sweater.

~Images via anthropologie & me oh my~

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful for so many things in my life right now,
but mostly for good health,
a precious baby on the way,
and the best family and friends a girl could ever hope for
...and for readers, like you!
Cheers to you and yours on this wonderful holiday!

And "Go Packers!"

~Images via pinterest & bits of truth~

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Farewell, Illinois

Last night was our final night in Carol Stream, IL.
As this entry is posted,
we are probably loading the final boxes into our cars,
before hitting the road and heading north.

As much as I am happy to leave the chaos of Chicago
and make a long-awaited return to Wisconsin,
closer to family and all good things,
I can't help but feel a twinge of sadness.

It is bittersweet to leave,
because this was our first "home."
We've lived here together since 2005.
And despite its faults,
these "boring beige walls" have been witness to our lives,
our memories...

We made lifelong friends here.
We did enough homework to earn 2 nursing degrees here.
We changed jobs...and changed jobs some more from here.
We celebrated the holidays, starting our own traditions here.
We planned a wedding from here.
We got snowed in here.
We recovered after surgery here.
We made a baby here. (TMI?)
We engaged in long-distance relationships from here...
in 2005 and now again in 2011.

But as the song says,
"all things go"
and so must we.
I hope our future renters continue to create fond memories,
just as we did.

On to the next chapter!

~images via elements of style & bits of truth~

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bertoia bar stools

I am in love.

Seriously drooling.
I will take that sweet pooch, too.

~image via department of the interior~

Monday, November 21, 2011


Let it be known that I hate moving.

Busy packing today.
(And secretly hoping I find myself in a serious purging mood.)

' Cuz I think it's safe to say that this quote is applicable to both me and the huzz:

The big move takes place manana.
Fingers crossed for no mishaps in the Penske.

Thank goodness my dad is here to help!

He says if Alex can successfully navigate through Ireland,
that driving a small semi on the IL toll roads amongst idiot FIBS
should be a piece of cake.
I hope he's right!

~image via coco+kelley~

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Home design

I desperately want/need this book.

It is essentially the sequel to this amazing home design book I own and love:

Both brought to you by the inspiring editors of long-lost Domino magazine.
Thank goodness, flickr still has archived magazine photos!

Seeing as we are actually moving into a house(!!) this week,
(albeit rented)
this would reeeeeaally  come in handy as I prepare to nest!
(Hint, hint Santy Claus!)

~Images via Amazon~

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dear Santa...

...Relaxation, a new camera, & no more zits!

Black Friday (with all it's big incentive sales) is just around the corner.
And then comes Cyber Monday, for those who prefer to shop online.
Each essentially kicking off the "one month til Christmas" countdown.
My family will hound me for a Christmas wishlist, as I will them.
So here is mine ahead of time!

Prenatal Yoga Classes
at Invivo Fitness in Milwaukee.
To really work on my zen as I prepare to take NP boards and give birth.
We're talking squeezing a baby out of my vagine.  
For the very first time.
In just a few months.
You catch my drift?  

Digital Camera.
With Zoom.  And video capabilities.
I noticed on our trip to Ireland trip that my little Canon PowerShot from 2006
was taking dark, muddied photos of what should have been bright green brilliance.
This is clearly not acceptable with an adorable baby on the way.
(Not to mention much-needed improvement in foodie photography for this very blog!)

When I brought this up with the huzz, he said:
"We don't need a camera.  We can just take pictures of the baby with our phones."
GASP!  The horror!
But we all know that mothers know best.
And this matter is no exception.  So I proceed.

I'm thinking I'd like to stick with what I'm most familiar with
(read: point and shoot),
but anybody knows that an SLR is just plain fantastic.
I'd like something without breaking the bank or looking like a paparazzi.
Yet along with fairly compact size, I want professional photag qualities, such as
quick shutter speed, major megapixels, HD video/sound, etc. 
So after much review, I've narrowed it down to the following options:

Pansonic Lumix

Canon EOS Rebel

Nikon D3100

(As a wonderful photographer,
I'm hoping my dad can weigh in on this decision.
Hint, hint.)

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Set.
To combat the major hormonal acne that pregnancy has bestowed upon me.
I've been hoarding the free samples that the Kiehl's lady at Woodfield Mall gives me.
(Hey, don't judge.  The whole system is a little pricey sans a full-time J-O-B!)

1.  Cleanser
My face feels SO CLEAN after washing with this.

2.  Toner

3. Gel Cream

A new stethoscope.
We're talking a top-notch cardiac stethoscope.
All the better to hear your heart and lungs with, my pretty!
This may actually fit under the category: "graduation" gifts.
But let's not get greedy.  Times are tough.
I am, however, digging this chocolate and copper baby.
Or classic black.
Note:  No one will actually want to purchase this for me,
because it is capital B Boring.
I'm guessing this may be saved for a "gift" to myself with my first NP paycheck.

Or, finally, just plain, old, boring gift cards...because:
1.)  I realize these gifts are muy expensivo and that money doesn't grow on trees.
2.)  We're moving into an actual house!
3.)  None of my clothes fit anymore.

Thus, gift cards are surely welcome
(to put towards the purchase of said camera).

As a joint gift for me and the hubbs...for goods for the new home:
IKEA, HomeGoods, Bed Bath & Beyond, Container Store, Target.

For my burgeoning baby bump:
Motherhood Maternity, A Pea in the Pod, Babies 'r' Us.

All of these gifts are fairly big-ticket items so pool together, fam.
P.S.  I've been a VERY good girl this year.

Always keeping in mind the following...

Of course.

P.P.S.  Now send Mrs. Claus your lists, my lovelies.

~images via simplified bee, InVivo Fitness, Amazon, Kiehl's, & pinterest~

Friday, November 18, 2011

Biggie Smalls + Baby?

Why do I have a feeling Alex will discover a similar strategy
as a means to calm our crying baby?

"She can't understand any of the lyrics yet, so we're safe."

Even the pops' rationale sounds eerily possible.
Just sayin'.

P.S. How adorable are these baby boy cakes my preceptor's wife made me on the last day of Clinicals?


~photos by b~

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thesis D-Day!

I defend my thesis today at 3:20pm.
I'm the second to last to present,
which hopefully means most people will be too comatose to drill me with questions.

I feel like I've been hearing about this day for so long.
I cannot believe it is FINALLY here.
My last hurdle, the last hoop to jump through, the last day of grad school EVER.

Final transcripts may be pending,
but it's safe to say that I officially graduated!
Bring on a couple months of studying for boards,
and then it's...

Brianna Nigro, MSN, ACNP-BC

Coming soon to a hospital near you!

~Image via bits of truth~

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Homogenous art

Cortney Novogratz - whom I have blogged about {HERE} - once told a story about how she occupies her children while shopping at a flea market.
She simply tells them to "find a picture of a pretty lady" which not only spawns a treasure hunt & makes family memories, but also becomes a beautiful art display.
Namely, she collects them into a synchronous collage, like this:

I think this idea is brilliant!

Everyone knows that I love maps (so I'd be all over that scheme)
but don't these various landscapes look amazing as well?

Doesn't this make you want to start a cohesive collection, too?

~images via department of the interior & pinterest~

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hair twist

My quick solution for when the snooze alarm wins over washing my hair circa 5:30am.

Greasy bang be gone!
Just scrunch with a little styling spray and you're good to go.

(At least this is what I keep telling myself,
so if this is NOT cute, let me know STAT!)

~image via small things blog~

Last day of Clinical!

Suddenly there's a spring in my step!

Turtle brownies and thank you cards in tow...

Even the annoying med student cannot rain on my parade today.

(And after Thursday, I am a FREE WOMAN!)

~photo by b & image by bits of truth~

Monday, November 14, 2011

It's one of those days...

I apologize ahead of time for the rudeness of this post.
(And God willing, that you're not on this list.)

1.  Everyone on I-290.

2.  This short, squatty female resident who's constantly pushing up her Gucci glasses and looks like she's always smelling a fart.

3.  This guy (and whoever wrote this most annoying jingle):

(I'm sorry.  I just made you sing that out loud and now you want to punch yourself!)

4.  Scott Walker.  Also known as Governor Asshat.

5.  Nurses who let their patients sit in shit/piss.

6.  Doctors who wait too long to consult hospice on obviously dying patients.

7.  Anyone who likes Michigan State.  Or Ohio State, for that matter.
Or thinks that Joe-Pa shouldn't have been canned.

8.  Kim K. and Kris Humphries.  You are both a disgrace, especially in today's economy.  And your ass is seriously beyond ginormous.  I don't even understand it.

9.  The Einstein's employee who consistently puts sugar in my coffee & gives me the wrong bagel.  (I'm looking at you, Cinnamon Raisin w/ plain full fat cream cheese!)

10.  Joe Lee, the insane squirrel, who is constantly knocking over my plants and eating my pumpkin.

11.  Every single employee within the Rush University College of Nursing administrative office.  Could you please not screw up even one thing?!?  It will be a miracle if I receive my diploma this decade...with my name spelled correctly.

12.  Drug reps.  Take your floozy blonde ass & free pens and head back to the Neiman Marcus from which you came.

13.  Whoever the hell assigned a medical student to me for my last 2 weeks.  Seriously.  He is dumber than an ox and I am in no mood to babysit.

That is all....for now.
(Hey, the week is young.  And my hormones fluctuating.)