Thursday, June 14, 2012

Menu cards

I love 'em!
Probably because I love eating so much.
Usually reserved for special occasions, like weddings.
(I insisted on having them at ours...much to the chagrin of my parents and husband who had to help in assembling all 175 of them!)

But really, I like to make them for any dinner party.
Mostly because I LOVE reading detailed descriptions
about what I'm going to eat.
Food porn!! 

Here are some of my favorite ones...

I think they also serve as a nice memento of your special occasion.
Put into that "first hosted Thanksgiving" or "baby's 1st birthday" scrapbook!
What do you think...
Overkill?  Or, cute?
I know what Martha Stewart would say.

~images via digsdigs, project wedding, martha stewart, the knot, & photo iris~

1 comment:

  1. I would like to copy one of the menu cards pictured. I especially like the second picture of the napkin with the fork, knife and spoon. Would you share some tips: did you use card stock (looks like it), font size, etc. Thank you for your help!