Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy [Father's Day] Weekend!

Especially to my wonderful dad,
to my husband on his very first Dad's Day,
to my father-in-laws and grandfather-in-laws,
and to my dear sweet grandpas who are no longer with us...

Happy Father's Day!

Here's a little soundtrack for your blog-viewing pleasure:

In honor of my husband
~ who is already an AMAZING father to my sweet Baby A ~
I'm planning a fun family BBQ and bags tourney in the backyard tomorrow.
The theme shall remain a secret in case my husband reads to come!

In the meantime, here are some fatherly things I'm inspired by this year...

For last minute gifts for a "new" dad,
why not a chic "diaper bag"?
Just make sure it has ample space to hold not only baby goods,
but also his computer/pad, magazines, sunglasses, phone, etc.
(This messenger style bag is from Sprout San Francisco.)

Or, what about a funny, yet practical, read?

For any dad,
be sure to check out "Pinhole Press" for some incredible customized gifts.
(I cannot wait to share what I've made my huzz.  ADORBS!!)

And for anyone who has a dad (read: you),
do yourself a favor and read the following...

 This cute article about one great "geeky" dad,
who's parenting style is an inspiration.

This book about a dad and daughter's simultaneous struggle with "the big C"...

(I promise you will cry, but that it does not  end on a sad note.)

This article that reminds us to enjoy every single moment of parenthood,
as babies grow up so, so fast!

If all of that doesn't have you in a "dad's day" mood,
I don't know what will.
Perhaps a final little sentiment about "hugs" that I know to be true...


Happy {Father's Day} Weekend!
Ladies, be sure to spoil the daddies in your lives rotten.

~photo by b / images via sprout san francisco x 3,, & real simple~

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