Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Pics of the baby's nursery.

(Better late than never, right?)

First, let's enter the sunny, south-facing abode,
complete with a homemade, striped, wooden "A" on the door!
Vintage chandelier from my mom...her first paycheck splurge from way back!
And perhaps my favorite part of the whole room.
It serves as a wonderful night light or reading light.
Glider via Target / Leather poof via Amazon.com.

Zoo / Animals in predominantly blue and khaki hues.

Window treatments from Amazon.com and Target.

Italian futon with navy cover?  Straight from Rubin's...and my college dorm!
Bookshelf?  Mine as a child.
Gorgeous quilt?  Handmade by family friend.
Lion & elephant stuffed animals?  Also from my childhood.

DIY'd "Oh Boy!" closet banner from baby shower.

Now let's talk about art...
All either hand-selected from Etsy and Land of Nod,
or my very own personal creations.

One of my absolute favorite features...the gallery wall!
Remember how I love them?

Let's take a closer look at the bookshelf, shall we?
Music boxes and books from my childhood.
Vintage monogram blocks from our thrifting excursions.
{HERE} and {HERE}
Baby shower gifts and appropriate-themed cards.
Let's not forget that AMAZING video monitor.
Practical and fun!

"Noah's Ark" toy bin from my mom's classroom...filled with newborn goodies!
Changing table with cute and useful storage baskets,
from The Container Store & Target.
Let's not forget the Diaper Dekor...stinky dipes?  I don't think so.

Bedding via Target and Carters.
Crib via Target.
Organic soy mattress via Amazon.com.
Lights and sounds "rain forest" mobile from Fisher Price.

So far, Baby A seems to be LOVING his room,
just as much as his mom...even though dad would have preferred a sports theme!

What do you think??

~photos by b~

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