Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend recap

What to do on a gorgeous summer-like spring day in Milwaukee?
Head down to Lake Michigan, of course!
(Cue fun, catchy song...that I want to hate, but secretly kind of like.)

No time to upload pics from my camera,
so it's a Droid / instagram photo montage...Here we go!

Baby geared up in his summer best!

Ugh.  So cute I cannot stand it.

Bradford Beach was poppin'...volleyball tourneys and college students galore!
And seriously, this view does NOT look like the Midwest, hey?

Post picnic, we hit up the Lake Shore paths...

...and the Lake Park trails!

Such great weather for a long stroll with the fam...

A hot day wouldn't be complete without a little frozen custard to cool us off -
strawberry lemonade and one Madagascar vanilla cone for two, please!


More vistas...


On an even hotter, muggier, and slightly overcast Sunday?
Stay inside the AC and start watching Sons of Anarchy.

From beginning to end!

Hope your weekend was just as fun and relaxing...
counting down the days til it's Friday again!
Farmer's Market in Madison with my parents
cookouts with friends,
and perhaps a return trip to the beach.
If any of that sounds fab to you, call me...maybe. ;)

~photos by b~

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