Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy ( Mother's Day ) Weekend

This gorgeous song by the artist formerly known as "Hootie"
recently came up on my country Pandora station...

Fitting for my very first Mother's Day!
And how true are those lyrics?
I can't believe my darling little guy is almost SEVEN weeks old already!
Say whaaaaaat ?!?!

Love you with all my heart, Baby A.

Can't wait to celebrate the wonderful gift that you are...
Not only on our first Mother's Day together, but also on your Baptism!

P.S.  And in case that Proctor and Gamble commercial wasn't enough,
here are a couple more treats to send you over the emotional edge,
a.k.a. motherhood:

A "wish list" for your beautifully said!
And oh so true.
My heart echoes those sentiments "to a T"!

And a Johnson & Johnson "love letter" from baby...

(Excuse me while my heart melts.)


~photos by b~

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