Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Just under one week left to treat your mom to something nice!
After all, she did push you out of her womb
and shower you in love and nurturing affection all of your life,
so a little "thanks for everything" sentiment is always nice!

Let's break this down into some categories
to help you find the perfect token of appreciation for the leading lady in your life...

The Entertainer / Lush

Cutesy polka dot champagne flutes
Perfect for hosting weekend brunches!
$138-238 {HERE} via Olive & Cocoa

"Lips" Martini shaker set
Saucy! I am thinking "book club" super hit.
$175 {HERE} via Chic Stop

Homemaker / Homebody

Voluspa home fragrance set
The creme de la creme of candles, etc. - a true splurge!
$88 {HERE} via Olive & Cocoa

A "Two-fer"!

Pitcher / Vase
Pink glass pitcher, but put her favorite blooms in them first...
a.k.a. doubles as a vase!  How practical.
(I'm thinking tall white Calla lilies would be stunning in this one.)
$89 {HERE} via Marimekko

The Sentimental Mama / Bauble Babe

Nothing screams "mom" like wearing something special
that reminds you of your beautiful child(ren) around your neck!

First? This little inital charm is adorable.
$334 {HERE} via Olive & Cocoa

Or, how about this unique finger print charm?
$425 {HERE} via Camille Cesari

(Both equally beautiful...though I know you could find something similar
on Etsy for a fraction of the price!!)

The Jetsetter

Travel accessories
LOVING this cute duo from Vera Bradley...
Passport holder, $28, {HERE}

Luggage tag, $12, {HERE}

Budget Buys

Let's face it, sometimes money is tight.
But if anyone understands that, it is your mother.
She isn't expecting a big splurge...
in fact, a homemade card would mean so much more!

Other ideas for "the budget-buyer" include:

A beautiful journal.
To record all the memories of her life and being a mommy.
(Or, if writing is not her style, could be used as a "wine journal"!)
$17 via Libretto {HERE}

Framing a favorite photo.
Could be of the two of you, of the grandchild(ren), etc...

Homemade anything.
Example:  {HERE} is an easy no-cook freezer jam recipe!

Buy local.
Coffee roasters come to my mind!
(Or anything else your town might be famous for.)

Snag an Internet deal (i.e. Groupon, LivingSocial, etc).
What hardworking lady wouldn't love
a Shellac mani, hair coloring, facial, or massage?

Happy shopping, kiddos!

~images via Olive & Cocoa, Martha Stewart, Vera Bradley, & Chef in Training~

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