Monday, January 23, 2012

Thrifty weekend

On Saturday, the hubbs and I explored our new city of Milwaukee
via a little thrift shore shopping!
(Admittedly, one of our favorite ways to pass time & blow money.)

We visited one vintage clothing store & one antique market in the Third Ward,
as well as another little gem over on Brady Street.
SO many great things!
Here are a few snippets of some of my favorite finds...

Old lecture hall (or theater?) seats.
How fun would this be in an entry way or mudroom for people to sit on while donning their shoes?

Vintage trunks and luggage!
And totally reasonably priced.  I almost bought one for the babe's nursery, to perhaps be used as a bookcase.  They also had a neat mini one that was over 75 years old!  I thought it would have been adorable to use on a changing table, propped open, with stacks of diapers and wipes stacked inside.  Alas, it was not in the best condition, so I (regrettably) passed.

LOVE this green accent chair.
I got distracted and completely forgot to check the price...and about this chair, for that matter, until I saw the pic on my phone.  Rats!

If I were one of the Picker Sisters, and crafty with an electrical wire,  I would fashion that vintage blue fan into  some sort of light fixture.  I just love it! But I am neither, so there it stayed.

How fun are these old type-writers?
Perfect for those "guestbook stations" at weddings that are all the rage these days.

Beer paraphernalia!
A RIDICULOUS amount of bomb-dizz bar gear, from lights and signs to glassware galore.  (Milwaukee is the brew city, after all.)  My dad would have been in beer heaven.

And here is the loot we actually purchased...

Alex scooped up 4 old belt buckles with our monogram.
Pretty cool!

Along with 4 vintage skinny ties, a silver tie bar, & a collar bar.
(The last things he needs one more of, but that's besides the point.)

I snagged 2 fun bracelets.
(To help get my coveted arm party on.)

And I saved my favorites for last...
I bought the "A" (for $5!!) for the nursery gallery wall.  And the kind sales lady threw in the "N" (for our last name) for free!  I already have a silver metal "N" in our living room...contemplating where I will throw this bad boy.  I'm thinking the kitchen!

Blue mason jars!
Going to use these as votive holders at the baby shower, to go along with the blue vintage tea tins I previously purchased on Etsy (to be used as mini vases).  {HERE}
Too perfect!

Vintage blocks!
I spent at least 20 minutes trying to spell out Alex.
(There's a story behind the "A", but I'm glad it all worked out!)

All in all, a successful day of thrifting!
Great shops and so much more convenient than thrifting in bigger cities (proximity, parking, etc.).
Looking forward to visiting a few more places on a weekend to come!

~photos by b~

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