Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Antiquing in Milwaukee, Part 2

The other weekend, we hit up 4 more places in downtown Mil.
{Our first excursion - HERE}
So much amazing stuff!!
I lost wind and couldn't make the 3rd floor of one emporium, so we will definitely be back!

A montage of my favorites....
(Seriously, Bob and Cortney Novogratz.  You NEED to come to Milwaukee!)

With a little re-upholstering, this chair could be AMAZING.

Adore the simple glass chandeliers.

Mood lighting!

Cute office chair. 

Perfect for a kitchenette!

70's done right.

Very mod.  I picture a Mad Men themed poker party happening here.

Such a shindig would not be complete without a pair of unique rocks glasses.

Hard to tell, but this duo is pink and charcoal!
Perfect for a ladies' walk-in closet or powder room.

More luggage...

How cute would this little travel bag be for an Ivy League alum?!

Bangles = arm party possibilities.

Fur trim...

...and lace.
(Side note:  My husband and I often question why we weren't in our prime in the 50's.  Minus the whole lack of womens' rights and social standing, of course.)

Don't even get me started on the amazing-ness of this signage...

I was frantically searching for, say, a "Highway A" to match up with this:

No such luck, but there were still some awesome things!

That "children at play" sign would kick ass in a playroom or nursery!

As would one's own very own carousel horse!

Or fire engine!

Transparent AND black globes.  I die!

Sweet wine racks.

And old Fiesta-ware.
I think this aubergine pitcher would make a stunning vase.

A nice set of outdoor furniture...
which could be so fun with a bright coat of spray paint!

An at-home bar...straight from an ice-cream shoppe.

I think this pair of paintings would be so beautiful in a black & white space...

Speaking of art (which was really the whole purpose of our scouring),
Riverview Antique Market had quite the selection, 
from paintings to sculptures to signage to local pieces...albeit pricey.

Which brings us to what we actually purchased...

Yep, don't think that vintage I-94 Wisconsin sign didn't catch our eyes!!
Now just to figure out what to pair it with...

And if you can't find your first initials,
maybe you'll luck out and find your last name initials!
Which so happen to be the same as the last major U.S. railroad to switch from steam to diesel in the year you were born.  SCORE!

The huzz snagged a few more vintage ties,
and I got myself some fun colored bangles and a 50's black patent leather clutch.

Antiquing tip:  ALWAYS negotiate.
You can typically expect to get your item for 20-25% off the listed price.
So don't be shy!  And go for 30%.
What have you got to lose? (Besides your own money!)

I'm exhausted again just looking at this post.
And still salty about an adorable abacus for the nursery that I "lost" to an old lady.

Until next time!

~photos by b~

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