Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day gift guide

"A mother is a person
who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people,
promptly announces she never did care for pie".
~Tenneva Jordan

If your mother is anything like my mother, the above quote certainly does apply.
And such an unselfish lady deserves a little something special on this day!

This year, I decided to give my mom and M.I.L.
pink farmers' market eco totes (for the annual farmers' market gathering),
in which they can place their gifted plant of choice. 

And because both of the motherly figures in my life also enjoy reading,
I also scooped these darling, monogram bookmarks
from i like you in Minneapolis.

Next year, when I have more time (and funds),
the following might make the cut.

Adorable, bright & springy dessert plates...

...filled with homemade treats (like pretty and delicious french macaroons)...

...a set of fun serving spoons (since moms love to entertain)...

...a piece to add to their collections...
(my grandmothers used to collect tea cups and hobnail, respectively,
and my mom collects cute salt and pepper shakers.
I've been eyeing this charming little set for years)...

...beautiful stationary and journals...
I've always been fond of writing
and the importance of passing down memories.
I remember giving my grandma a mother's journal in which she began recording her stories.  My only regret is not giving it sooner.
Definitely something to keep on the list, and this one is cute and cheeky...

...Jewelry is always a tough one,
and one I usually avoid (everyone has their own unique style),
but I think this simple Kate Spade bangle,
and this sterling silver charm,
are elegant, yet subtle, to satisfy even the pickiest of tastes...

...Gardening spades and cute gardening gloves are practical
(at least for my green thumbed mom who always seems to be misplacing them)...

...luxurious bubble bath or hand cream
(or whatever their favorite beauty product may be)
for a little indulgence
after all that hard, yet enjoyable, work in the kitchen and garden...

...and you can never go wrong with a pretty bottle of their favorite fragrance,
a final add-in this year, split between me, my dad, and brother.
(My mom's partial to Donna Karan's "Cashmere Mist")...

...And finally, let's not forget wine!
A bottle of their favorite is always appreciated.

(Oops, that's my favorite.  But you get my drift.)

Happy last-minute shopping...and Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there!!

~ xo

~Images via anthropologie, kate spade, red envelope, french wordpress, l'occitaine & sephora ~

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