Monday, May 9, 2011

Farmers' market finds

If you've ever had the privilege of attending the Madison Farmers' Market with me
you will know that there is a strict routine that must be followed.
You must arrive no later than 8:30am (the earlier the better).
Prior to hitting the Square, we stop at Michelangelo's on State Street
to pee and to caffeinate.
I love their non-fat lattes, mom goes for plain ol' jo,
and Alex digs the Monkey Mocha (which is pretty damn good, I agree).
All delicious.  Fair trade.  Gay friendly.  Love it.

Once you have your cup of ambition in hand, you can begin trek one. 
The first time around the Square is for:
1.  Buying yourself a breakfast treat (I usually like a pumpkin bar or danish, whereas dad is strictly a 5 sugared donuts kind of guy)
2.  Scoping out what you want and who has the best stuff for the best price.
Note:  You can also appreciate the various petitions and crazy people at this time.

Stella's "hot and spicy cheese bread", $7 for a gigantic loaf, is pretty tasty.
(But I usually eat half the loaf when I buy this so I try to resist the urge.)

Once you've stocked up, a run to the car to unload into your coolers, etc. is in order.
(Or, to have your mom help you pot all your plants, as the case may be.)

Then it's time to re-fuel before hitting the art vendors and shops on State St.
This time, we chose the fairly new Capital Tap Haus.
Beer cheese soup with popcorn and Eisphyre,
a deliciously semi-sweet doppelbock that was out of this world delicious. 
(Why can't you buy this shit in IL?!)

Then it's time to hit the pavement again and head into my favorite stores:
Things of this nature, true but ridiculous, abound as well...

When you get home, it's all about getting your lovelies outside to soak up the sun and spring air.
A yellow (for a) & pink (for b) Reiger Begonia...

Thyme, rosemary, sage...

...cilantro, basil, & parsley!
Let the summer cooking begin!

And also, my very lovely, organic-looking coleus.
Such pretty red and green foliage!
Hopefully it will thrive in our not-very-sunny setting.

Can't wait until the next trip!
(which just happens to be next weekend)
Lucky me!!

~ xo

~photos by b~

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