Monday, May 2, 2011

Beautiful blooms

Spring has least inside of our condo!

Upon arriving home from work on a Friday night,
almost 2 hours late, (work can suck it sometimes),
I was welcomed by 2 gorgeous, white bouquets from the huzz. 
(How did he know? Perfect timing!)
Nearly impossible to stay mad when I'm greeted by 3 of my faves...Alex (duh) and
Cala lilies and hydrangeas!!
So pretty!!

Easter afternoon, we received this fresh-cut bundle of cheery daffodils straight from the mother-in-law's yard.  Charming!
(DIY tip: Tequila bottles make super cute vases!)

And to top it all off, pink tulips from Trader Joe's!
Treat yourself to an inexpensive grocery bouquet.
(It's amazing how fresh flowers in the home make you feel so good.)

The place smells great and all of these blooms bring hope
that May flowers are soon
(fingers crossed!)
to follow all of the dreary April showers we've had.

Hoping to add to the collection after a visit to the Farmers' Market this weekend!
Happy Spring!

~ photos by b ~

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