Monday, May 16, 2011

Madison weekend

a FANTASTIC weekend was had
with the best of company...

Friday night Wiley Wedding in Windsor, WI:

LOTS of beer consumed...

And good times (read: biscuits & gravy and bathroom tv's)
were had back at the Comfort Inn & Suites...

The weather on Saturday continued to not cooperate.
I've never seen an empty Terrace, mid-May, on graduation weekend. Not a soul.
(view from our Memorial Union hotel room) 
I think it dipped down into the 40's, along with wind and rain.

(a.k.a. no hiking Devil's Lake, no al fresco cocktails.)
But we did go {HERE}, a new place called Merchant,
a gourmet grocer and lunch spot
that serves pretty delicious craft cocktails and small plates by night.

And then we decided to have 1 or 2 (or 10) boots,
of many Capital Brewery colors (Pale Ale, WI Amber, Maibock, & Island Wheat)
at The Capital Tap Haus {HERE}

This got played a  LOT on the juke
(and will be your soundtrack for the remainder of this post):

 And a couple of side beers ( no big deal)...
(Leftover rally sign from earlier in the day. Stay strong, Wisco!)

Topped off with Sunday brunch at Graze {HERE}

Now it's back to reality.
I am thankfully OFF today (whoo hoo!),
but I will be working hard to crank out some papers and clean the crib,
all while reminiscing about the weekend and longing for future Madtown visits!

~photos by b~

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