Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adirondack chairs

When we were in Madison,
I leafed through the summer course guide
for UW students and alumni (a.k.a. me and the huzz).

While sailing and salsa dancing classes always sound fun (at least to me),
I thought it was neat that they offered a "make your own Adirondack" course.
Literally, you build and design your own chair!
We're talking saws and whittling wood - the whole shebang!
(It costs ~$200/person, mind you, but that includes all materials and instruction.)
I'm pretty sure you can't buy pre-made ones at that price!

These lovelies would be my inspiration:

Would it be possible to arrange for the scenery and lake house to be included?
No, that's too much?

Well, one can dream.

(Disclaimer: Most of these photos were collected for my own home inspiration files and I do not know their source of origin.
If you know, please inform me & I will correctly cite!)

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