Friday, August 24, 2012

The Friday Five

The weather has been bangin' this week.
And I can't wait to celebrate the end of August with both of my main squeezes,
as well as with some of my friends Saturday night!
Here's what I'm digging this week...

Foster the People
Remember  my love for them? {HERE}
That song still tickles my pickle.
And this jam is no exception:

"Takeout Tuesdays" in Schlitz Park
Food truck extravaganza!
And lunchtime fun with my two favorites.

(Note the teeth fixation.  Then send me good vibes.  Or booze.)
I think we will make this a weekly ritual for as long as I am granted the luxury of Tuesdays off.  You can find us perched on a bench along the Riverwalk.

Peanut Butter Panda Puffs
Am I the only non-child who is in love with this cereal?
I care not.

Buy it at Trader Joe's for about $2-3 less than at Whole Foods.
Surprise, surprise.

Stylish ponytails.
Why can't mine ever look like these?

Freakin' models.

An apology to the parents I judged...
Holy cow.  I second every sentiment!  A must read, whether you have kids or not.
We have recently experienced some unfortunate baby meltdowns in Church/restaurants and I have felt the glares from non-parents...glares that I'm sure I once gave to a poor mother (or two) and her screaming child on a plane, for example.  But I feel you now, woman.  I feel  you.  Woof!  And I am sorry.

But, gosh darn it, I do still believe my kids will be the best behaved ones around.
I'll make sure to it!!

Thank you , Clifford.  :)

And a few more links, just for fun...

This bedtime calculator is so cool! I wonder if it actually works?

Speaking of bracelets, how adorable is this mini bow bangle by kate spade?

Remember my rant about being a homemaker?  (How could you forget?)
Well, check this -ish out.  Word to your mother.  Literally.

Thinking about reading this book.

I would like these shoes.  Minus the zero on that price tag, however.

This is funny...and very true!

I want to make Mario Batali's recipe for spaghetti with green tomatoes and pesto.
I was drooling while watching him make this the other day on The Chew.
That is, until he took a bite of his own food and proclaimed,
"Damn, I'm a good cook!"
I then instantly snapped out of it and remembered why I abhor him.
I'll still try the recipe, however, seeing as this one was such a damn delight.

The West Nile Virus is rampant.  Be careful out there!
(Read:  Now's probably night the time for homemade spray!)

Ta ta for now, kids.
May your weekend be all things fun and amazing!

~photos by b / images via naturespath, wit and delight, plumprettydelight~

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