Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Fun Day

Last year, I was mid-first-trimester
and suffering through the drunk teenage crowds attending this.

This year, it's all about R&R and family fun...

Recent Sunday a.m.'s  involved jalapeno, bacon, egg, & cheese sammies...

...yesterday it was brunch at Trocadero with a friend,
(note: probably not wise to take francophiles out for questionably authentic French fare)
and today it's chocolate-pumpkin "Weight Watchers" muffins
+ coffee straight from Costa Rica!
(Thanks, Martha! Entire bag o' beans GONE.)

To "recover" our bellies from Rudy's Mexican + margaritas!

(Note:  Muffins made possible with this most amazing sous chef.)

Hitting up the famous cream puffs & miscellaneous fried foods at the WI State Fair.
Watching more Summer Olympics.
Attending Sunday evening Mass.
And general snuggling and kissing with this guy...

Happy Sunday Fun Day to you!

~photos by b~

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