Friday, August 31, 2012

Five things

Here's what's good this week...

Of Monsters and Men
Sounds just like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, no?
(This is still one of my top 10 favorite songs of all-time.)

Striped J. Crew sweaters
It's almost fall and these fun, lightweight sweaters have me swooning.

HBO Classical Baby - The Music Show
I know babies aren't supposed to watch TV.
But sometimes mommy needs to make dinner, pee, water the plants, etc.
And this can't be sooooo bad right?
Classical music set to bright animation?
C'mon...He LOVES it!

That and Curious George.  Obviously.
Look at the focus!

What harm could learning short little life lessons be?
Confession:  Even if he falls asleep mid-ep, I usually watch it until the end.  Will George get the train cars back in the correct order?  Of course he will!  And also because I cannot get over the Man in the Yellow Hat's ridiculous daily ensemble of said yellow hat and baggy yellow diaper pants.

Loose, twisty up-do's.
Perfect while it's still hot out and/or un-washed locks.
And chic enough to wear to work / out for an evening!

It appears to be a serious problem - read about it {HERE} and {HERE}.
Moral of the story?
"Don't do what your children can do for themselves."
"And don't do what children can 'almost do' for themselves."
"Don't confuse your needs with their needs."
I can't think of better tips for fostering confident and independent offspring.
Must keep repeating these mantras to myself, because it's not always easy to do!

And a few more links, for your viewing pleasure...

House plants that clean the air.

Cute article about what makes a marriage really work.

Is anyone surprised by this?  (Not me.)

How to transfer photos to wood.  (This would look adorable in a cluster of 3!)

It's almost fall, which means it's almost time to make all-things-pumpkin!
I think I will start with this Saturday morning breakfast treat soon.

This and this are hilarous.

TGIF, m'loves!

~image via j. crew / photos by b / image via pinterest~

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