Friday, August 10, 2012

The Friday Five

Jams by Jonquil
Perfect for summer chillin'.

If you like this song,
be sure to check out "It Never Rains" and "Fighting Smiles"!

Little white dresses.
Lace + a sexy open back?  Bonus.
Paired with a sweet, low & loose chignon?  Even better.
Perfect for traipsing about the town
before summer is gone and the crisp fall evenings are upon us.

It's almost over, whatever will I do?!?!

To celebrate the final days...

Watch U.S. gymnast Aly Raisman's hilarious parents' reaction to her bars routine.
(Nice f' bomb mom.  And is someone prodding poor pops' butthole?  Seriously.)

Enter in your info to see what Olympic sport is best suited for your body.
(Football??  Wrestling?!  Steeplechase?  WTF.  I need to go on a major diet.)

Take an inside look at the athletes' living quarters inside the Olympic Village.
Is there any partying and/or sex happening here?!  I want need to know.
(I'm looking at you, Ryan Lochte.  I know you be trollin'.)

D.I.Y. Gallery Wall Perfection
This is probably the best tip for aligning photos I've ever seen.
Use painters' tape to measure the distance between the two holes,
then put the tape on the wall to pound in your nails/hooks.

How to Raise a Happy Baby
I completely understand why you need to let them "struggle" and feel "mad" and "sad" at times, but that's sooooo much easier said than done!  I've mastered the whole "let them fall asleep on their own" advice to ensure good sleep habits with I guess it's time I try this notion!
Bring on happiness, confidence, and independence.

And a few more links, just for fun...

This D.I.Y. rustic + sparkly tray is perfect for serving cocktails or breakfast in bed.

"Rich Kids of Instagram" is this funny?  Or, disgusting?  You be the judge.

The ultimate site for hair tutorials.  Go on, get your Ken Paves on.

This recipe for fruit water looks so refreshingly delicious!

Houzz.  Design porno.  That is all.

And one funny for the road.

~images via this is glamorous & pinterest x 3 / photo by b~

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