Saturday, August 11, 2012

Down in the Boondocks

I haven't been "home" since Christmas (!!!)....isn't that crazy?!
But that's exactly where I'm headed this weekend.

I can certainly feel the muddy Mississippi water running through my  veins
and can't wait  to have a weekend full of the following...

And the summer isn't complete without:

a pontoon ride
fun at Fish Days
campfire + s'mores while watching fireworks
grilled food + drinks with the fam and old friends

(all on deck, following an a.m. 8K up Mt. Hosmer!)

It will be the first time the little Munch Man does the Mississippi,
but certainly not the last!

But sometimes, it's damn near perfect, isn't it?
Happy Weekend, m'loves.

~photos by b / image via pinterest~

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