Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's teething time.

(Said just like Pauly D, yo.)

Baby A is demonstrating all the signs that teething is imminent.
Hands constantly in mouth.
Drooling.  I mean, MAJOR drooling.  Constantly.
Fussiness that increases as the day goes on / doesn't respond to the normal tricks.
What's a first-time mama to do?!?

In preparation for this period, I found this chart to be immensely helpful:

I, of course, have the cute gel teething rings chilling in the fridge.
And cold, wet washcloths are at the ready!

Customer reviews over at Target inspired me to buy these,
for late-night (read: when you're too tired to do anything else) fixes.

Veteran mommies, what are your tips to help me through teething??
Patience?  Lots of wine??  Baby Tylenol?

And for those of you with toddlers who aren't too keen on brushing their teeth,
maybe this cool, kid-inspired, hip hop video will help:

Straight from the Oregon Dental Association no less.  Ha!

But seriously,
I'd be more inclined to floss, too, if it were hanging from a blinged-out gold chain.


~images via pinterest & target~

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