Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday favorites

Yacht rock.
So fabulously 80s.
The yacht rock genre was discussed at the beginning of the summer, namely about how lame it was...until I realized that it's totally not lame at all.

This song by Seals & Crofts totally reminds me of growing up.
It was on this mixed cassette tape we used to play on road trips to family vacations up north in our giant Ford van, along with the likes of "Summer in the City".  This remix somehow makes it feel fresh and new...perfect for that mid-August, let's-hold-on-to-what's-left-of-summer feeling.

Tiki party!
'Tis the season.
Loving this color scheme and retro party vibe,
perfect for bridal showers and simple backyard bashes alike.

J. Crew Poppy King Lipstick
A perfect red-orange to pair with your end-of-summer, sun-kissed skin.
(Well, not mine.  Mine's still ghastly white.)
Too bad it appears to be sold out again!

D.I.Y. Dressers
Score yourself a cheap, plain dresser from IKEA, for example.
Pick out a fun paint color swatch from your favorite home store.
Ask for a sample in each hue.
It will be enough for 2 coats per drawer.
Pick out fun knobs, if you so desire.
Voila - instant dresser do-over!

How to be a Fun Mom
Isn't this all of our goals as moms?
Sure, someone has to be the Law of the Land.
And one needs to role model good behaviors.
But at the end of the day, you want your kids to think you're the "best mom" on the planet and that title doesn't come without being f-u-n.  Dad can't be the only fun one!  This article definitely has some great tips!  For me, being "spontaneous" is the challenge...when your schedule is so packed, it's hard to deviate from the well-oiled routine.  But for this little face, I certainly will!

And a few more links, just for fun...

Interesting post about scheduling sex - is this a do or a don't?
I'm personally a believer in the spontaneity of sex, but hey, if penciling it into your planner is the only way to guarantee you this basic human need, I say, go for it.

These fruit stickers for kids' lunches are freaking adorable.

If you live near SE Wisconsin, this Venetian Festival looks amazing.

D.I.Y. teacup candles.  So feminine!  They'd look lovely on a perfume tray.

This professional baby photo shoot at home is too cute!

And finally, this made me chuckle,.


~images via 100 Layer Cake, J. Crew, & poppytalk.blogspot / photo by b~

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