Friday, August 3, 2012

The Friday Five

I still cannot believe it's August already.
Where on earth has this summer gone?!?
May the fall be long and wonderful!

A week of Olympics has also gone by.
It has been consuming our T.V. viewing, that is for sure.
Some other things I'm loving this week?  Keep reading...

The Olympic video montage song.
I LOVE me an inspiring video montage.
And this year's song selection is pretty damn catchy!

(Apparently, he's from American Idol.  I wouldn't know this.
What I do know, is that he sounds like Mumford and Sons.
Which mama likey!)

 Braided top knots
It's still hot as hell and this up-do is adorable.
(Sorry, it is impossible to make this picture bigger without being blurry as hell.)

(And paired with boatneck stripes?!  Yes!)

Cool Mist Humidifiers
Namely, this one:

So incredibly cute in my son's nursery.
And kudos for drastically reducing his a.m. booger production!
It's currently on sale {HERE}.

Specifically, G2 (the lower calorie version) in
Raspberry Lemonade.

The Blueberry-Pomegranate or Fierce Grape are my #2 go-to flavors.
We usually nab this at the Pick'n'Save where they are usually 10 for $10.
(Is that ghetto and/or cheap?  I don't even care.)
My husband is "real into electrolyte replacement" these days
and Gatorade supposedly helps with breastmilk production.
Win-win for a + b!

How to maintain a well-run home.
I personally need to work on tips 6 and 8.

(And I couldn't agree more with tips 1 and 3!!)

And a few more links, just for you...

Test your Olympics knowledge with this quiz.
I personally LOVE the Olympics and only scored 50%. :(

Cake Batter Pancakes.
Must I really wait for my birthday??

These darling little garden-themed utensil sleeves are adorable for a party.
(Though they could be easily DIY'd  out of floral cardstock or wallpaper scraps, no?)

A guide to spray painting anything and everything.

8 baby sleep habits to avoid.
(So far, really doing my best to adhere to these!)

How to build a better bar.

And finally, some Olympic diving face funnies.
Warning:  Inappropriateness follows this link. ;)

~images via pinterest, target, gatorade, & pinterest~

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