Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend recap

Friday night =
"Sons of Anarchy" marathon + takeout from Louise's + red wine
with these two cuties:

Saturday morning lounging and house cleaning,
after Yogi tea...

...and market blueberries!

Saturday evening "happy hour" =
Milwaukee Cupcake Co. mini's + cocktails made by our house guest /
very own cocktail connoisseur & mixologist straight from the Chi!

Pontarlier Juleps
a.k.a. "the NFA"
(If you have to ask what NFA stands for, you should probably NOT try this drink.)
absinthe, gin, aperol, carpano antica, orange flower water, orange bitters - stirred,
served over a whole messa chopped ice & mint.

Bufala Negras
(My new favorite!)
Basil muddled in balsamic simple syrup,
shaken with Buffalo Trace bourbon and ice,
strained and topped with ginger beer,
and garnished with fresh basil.
Holy crappers refreshing!

Followed by a girl's night out / Milwaukee craft cocktail tour,
starting with small plates at Odd Duck.
Here's a sample look...

Springy cocktail with Rhuby (rhubarb liquor!) and lemon
Fried green tomatoes with fresh corn relish & goat cheese

More craft cocktails at Hotel Foster.
What a beautiful bar!

Followed by a tiki drink (and amazing people watching)
at Foundation in River West.

Sunday brunch at Honeypie in Bayview.
Bloody's & Shorty's / Shaved Ham & Poached Egg Biscuit / Almond Joy Pie

Followed by an evening along the lake at Summerfest,
listening to the Motown-infused crooner himself - Mayer Hawthorne!

{HERE} I am amongst Milwaukee's best...
somewhere circa 10 rows back with a blue fedora.
Super fun show!
Bonus:  He covered this...

But perhaps the Summerfest highlight this year was our $1 drum therapy session.
I felt/looked a little like Bethenny Frankel in the Mexico episode:

(Bottom line:  If any reggae bands are hiring,
I can rock a pretty damn good beat.)

Bands on my radar:

Nice to get out of the house with adult lady company,
 but boy, oh boy
did I sure miss this...

...though by the looks of it, I think they had an alright time without me!

Recovering today.
And possibly starting a diet after reviewing all the sinful deliciousness that was consumed over the past three days!!!

~photos by b~

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  1. P.S. I was an old lady and missed my family too much to stick it out for the 10:00pm Robyn show...but my friend said it was electropop-alicious and dance-worthy!