Friday, July 27, 2012

The Friday Five

Five things I'm all about this week.
Ready, go!

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
I listened to this Lauryn Hill album all summer long when I was 16,
cruisin' around town in my 1994 red Toyota Camry, with the sunroof open!
(Come to think of it, "That Thing" is actually a great anthem for a teenage girl, no?)

And now I sing this jam to my son as we waltz around the living room.
(He loves singing, even mine with it's terrible pitch.)

The craze of D.I.Y.'ing with pallets on Pinterest is almost an epidemic.
But with some great ideas like this, I can see why!
(I am especially digging that wine rack and the wall of potted herbs!)

Family art.
Adorable idea...and the "what a difference a day makes" quote is perfect!
Once my family is complete, I must make one for the wall.

big bun + big eyelashes + big pearls
Big errrythang 'round here...

Why you need the pertussis vaccine.
Whooping cough epidemic!
You really  need to make sure you are up-to-date with your TDap,
especially if you plan on being around kids under age 7 - especially infants!!
I know I will be requiring any future babysitters of Baby A to provide proof of vaccinations.
If you've received your tetanus booster recently
- which you need updated every 10 years -
you should already be good to go.
And if protecting the little ones you love isn't incentive enough,
here's a picture of what getting tested for whooping cough looks like,
should your healthcare provider suspect you might have it:

Trust me when I tell you:  That swab goes deep, peeps!

And a few more links, just for fun...

My new favorite fashion blog {HERE},
bringing designer looks to you, all found at affordable stores.

A strong case for drinking hot water with lemon.

I am pretty sure I need this shirt.

This recipe for grilled bananas foster is a "must" at my next cookout.

What an amazing three-piece photograph.
I would like to incorporate this idea with one of my own action photos!

8 tips to living a happier life.
(Tip # 7 - "You get more bees with honey."  So true!)

And finally, for my fellow Harry Potter fans:
This (I dare you not to sing along! )
and this are spot on and too funny.
(Sorry, Bella and Edward.)

Speaking of Pinterest, I leave you with this hilarious - and true - sentiment:

Have a good one, my friends!

~images via pinterest, etsy, pinterest, unknown, & pinterest~

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