Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Like mother, or like father?

Everyone always has an opinion on who your baby looks like.

It's so fun to see how Baby A resembles me one day...

(the mouth!)


...and then is a spitting image of his father as a baby the next!

(the facial expressions!)

*Excuse the clearly wet diaper.  We do change him frequently, I swear.

Isn't that crazy?!
I guess he truly is a combination of the two of us!

I love watching him evolve day-to-day.
(Though the rounder his head / fatter his cheeks get,
he's looking more and more like mama!
But then again, that distinct little chin is sooooo like daddy.)

Who do your children look like?

P.S.  This post about little boys cracks me up!
Sooooo true.

~photos by b~

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