Thursday, July 26, 2012

A party of Olympic proportion

Are you getting excited for the Summer Olympics??
Opening Ceremony in T-1 day.  WhooHoo!

To celebrate, why not host an Olympic-themed get together?
Here is some inspiration to jump start your party planning...

Color scheme, as follows:

Fun cupcakes with the classic Olympic rings + your native country's flag!

Speaking of rings, throw in appropriate-hued Lifesavers into your cocktail.
Instant Olympics!

Or, perhaps to be traditionally British,
make a refreshing, classic Pimms' Cup.

Consider serving a wide variety of ethnic foods to represent the various countries.

And hand out "medals" for Olympic sports trivia!

I think I am most excited for the gymnastics and swimming events,
while my husband is pumped for USA basketball.
What sporting events are you looking forward to?

Faster, higher, stronger!

~images via onecharmingparty, asmallsnippet, pinterest & imbibe magazine~

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