Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Maxi mania

It is not new news that I adore a maxi dress.
With the appropriate tailoring, it is not only flattering on most figures,
but comfortable as all get out.
(Especially if you go for the jersey knit,
or "sweat dress" as my husband likes to call it.)

Enter:  The Maxi Skirt

A twist on my old favorite!
They can be styled up or dressed down.
Pair them with flat sandals or fun belts.
You name it.
Let's take a look...

Not sure which maxi look I love the most?
I'm thinking Numero Uno, the Gossip Girl herself...
loving her little fishtail braid & vest, too!

(Though the styling on the rest
- stripes! arm parties! bauble-y necklaces! cropped jackets! -
are also to die.)

Which look are you digging?

~images via just jared, say yes to hoboken, just glitter, joie, & fashforfashion.com~

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