Friday, July 6, 2012

The Friday Five

So You Think You Can Dance
(Or, SYTYCD for short.)
I love that this reality show is on only once per year,
unlike American Idol which airs all the damn time.
(Is it even "special" to win Idol anymore??)
This is a dancing show that showcases ALL types of dance,
not just ballroom.
It's back on next Wednesday, but in the meantime,
 here is one of my favorite jazz numbers from last year's top 10 ladies:

(Makes me miss poms/dance class!)

Braided top-knot.
A twist (literally) on a classic summer 'do!

Dr. Kracker Crispbreads
OMGeezy, I love these!
~$3.75 per box at good ol' Whole Foods.

I nosh on them as a snack, lunch, or even for breakfast.
I particularly love 'em with:
Spreadable cheese, like brie or even "Laughing Cow"
Avocado butter
A shmear of apricot jam or honey + a slice of Wisconsin cheddar
More recipes {HERE}.

Doors with curb appeal.
Like this French bistro-inspired entrance.

Or, doors with architectural and textural interest.

To hug or not to hug?

As a fan and firm believer in the power of hugs,
I had definitely never thought about THIS before.

That article certainly brings up some good points, but is it too much?
(Gosh, there are so many things to consider when raising little ones!)

And a few more links to make you think (and smile!)...

A peek inside Amanda Peet's LA California chic!
Love the dining nook, foyer, and lemon trees.

Suri Cruise speaks out about parents' divorce.

How to break a bad habit for good.

An elegantly written perspective on the Affordable Healthcare Act
via the ever-impeccable New Yorker.

And this made me LOL!

~images via pinterest, dr. kracker, pinterest, crushculdesac@tumblr,, & pinterest~

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