Monday, July 16, 2012

He is 4 months old!

Today, our little man is 16 weeks old.

(Excuse the lack of smiles.  He's immediately post-vaccinations.  Ouchie!)

Firstly (and obviously),
Baby A is absolutely adorable.

And what a little ham!

His little personality is becoming more and more evident.
Including, amongst all his giggles and cooing, letting us know what he doesn't  like.

He continues to scoot his cute little butt all over the floor.
His hand-eye coordination and fine motor development are picking up steam!
As is the "talking" and strengthening of his neck.


He can't quite roll over yet.
He gets onto his side and then doesn't know quite what to do!
Roll back?  Keep going?

When in doubt, just pause and take a nap.

As evidenced by that photo, he LOVES to put anything and everything
into his mouth.
Teeth a-comin'?  Exploration?  Methinks a little bit of both.

At his ~4 month check-up today,
he clocked in at just 1 ounce shy of 14 pounds (40th percentile)
and is 24.5 inches tall (50th percentile)...
all on an exclusive breastmilk diet.
Go baby, go!

Other exciting "firsts" this month include:

Lots of travel...
First, up to Appleton to meet his cousin Kadin from San Fran,
as well as 2 weekends in Madison, including his first trip to Ella's Deli.

A dip in the pool with Grandpa Don

(Safety first!) ;)

Running his fingers through his hair & giving himself little mohawks

Pooping in the bath tub

He continues to be obsessed with the color red,
coincidentally also the color of his beloved Clifford.
(I noticed Dad likes to wear a lot of red these days, too!)


It is a tough call who is more exciting,
Gregory the Gloworm...

...or that baby in the mirror!

Mom and Dad (as well as all of his grandparents)
just can't get enough of the little Munch Man!

We love you, dear boy,
and cannot wait to see what exciting things
the next month has in store for you!

Keep smiling, my little love!
I hope we bring you just as much joy as you bring to our worlds.

~photos by b~

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