Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday favorites

Take five!

Van Morrison
Am I the only person under 30 who "likes" them on Facebook?
I don't even care.
Their music screams "relaxing summer evening with my lover" to me.
Very 70's/80's in the best possible way.
A little "yacht rock"-ish.
Here's one of my faves...

Fun frocks.
I simply do not look good in shorts.
Is it my short squatty gams? The fact that I hate how knees look?
I don't know, but I tend to wear dresses & skirts FAR more often.
And how fun is this geometric little number?

Coconut Water
I'm not talking about the kind you drink.
Unless it's straight out of a freshly cracked coconut, I just can't get into the trend.
(No matter how much potassium it has.)
I do, however, like my house to smell like coconut water in the summer!

Hanging photos.
Sometimes we all need a little layout inspiration!
I love that this includes dimensions,
as well as options for stairwells and shelving.

Car seats + heat = deadly.
Since the entire country seems to be experiencing some major heat waves,
and because "mom brain" is real,
I thought I better share this absolutely terrifying  article.
I read it before bed the other night and had MAJOR nightmares.
While I'd like to think I would never  do something like this,
it is certainly worth raising awareness!

And a few extra fun links/reads...
(as I would hate to end a post so morbidly)

This D.I.Y. pallet bookshelf is pretty rad.  And inexpensive!

The 7 best exercises to blast leg fat.  Sign me up!

Possibly the cutest interview ever about a haircut gone bad.
The part about it "being down to her tush" cracked me up!

I need to make these bread and butter pickles.
So delicious with summer tomatoes, on sandwiches, as well as on their own!

And here's Southern Living's list of the 20 best ice cream recipes.
'Tis the season!

Milwaukee's 2012 Readers' Choice Dining Awards.  {HERE}
(I have some disagreement, but that's another post.)

Finally, since it is outdoor patio season,  I found this thought to be hilarious.

Happy Weekend, m'dears!

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