Friday, April 27, 2012

Best job

With Mother's Day (my first! ) quickly approaching,
I thought I'd share this touching
Proctor & Gamble Summer Olympic-themed commercial,
set to the beautiful melodies of Ludovico Einaudi -
an Italian pianist - Baby and I like to listen to before naps.

Have you seen it?

I dare you not to cry.

It is fitting I stumbled across this video,
as I had a realization the other night,
during one of our 3am feeding-cleaning-soothing sessions,
that this is just the beginning.
The beginning of many days and nights caring for my little one,
making sure he is well-rested, well-fed.
Making sure he has the opportunity to become the best person he can be.

 Knowing that the main focus of my remaining days on this Earth
will be ensuring that my children are
That they know I will always support them...whoever they decide to be.

Before I was a mother, I know I took for granted all that goes on
"behind the scenes",
all that our parents do to make sure we grow up "right".
The endless loads of laundry & dishes,
the early rises to get them to the skating rink for practice,
the late nights spent working on homework,
all the parenting and child-rearing books read  memorized,
all the time spent laughing and making memories,
all the times spent playing bad cop vs. good cop,
and all the sleepless nights worrying that you're doing the "right" thing.

Our mothers so often sacrificed their own desires and needs for us,
like many mothers before them,
and as I will do for mine.

But then I also reflect on how I view my own mother...
how grateful and in awe I am of her,
and realize, despite her inevitable (though unbeknownst to me) flaws, this:

Albeit challenging, I can already feel how important and rewarding
the "job" of motherhood is...truly, the "best job".
And that no matter how old our children become,
they will always fit perfectly into their mothers' arms.

So if you are so blessed, give your "super mom" a hug today...
for where would we,
and perhaps more importantly, who  would we be, without them?

~image via pinterest / photos by b~

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