Sunday, January 8, 2012

Great with Child

All mothers, 
whether you're newly pregnant or about to be a grandma for the 5th time,
do yourself a solid and please read this book:

Witty and heartfelt.
It pretty much addresses every feeling and concern
about pregnancy and motherhood, both physically and emotionally,
that has been crossing my mind since July.

It also tackles a growing worry of mine...
how a working woman can go about being an amazing mother
without sacrificing her passions and craft.

Moral of the story:
It's done wonders to help me wrap my brain around the fact
that a sweet little baby boy will be arriving in less than 3 months!

Here I am at just over 26 weeks (~ 6.5 months!)...

Beth Ann Fennelly's work has inspired me to get on the ball
and start composing a stellar baby book.
And while I sat in the OB's waiting room the other day,
I came across something that is certainly scrapbook-worthy.
Baby horoscopes for 2012!
This is what the stars have to say about out little man:

(If you know my husband and I,
you will agree that this sounds pretty spot on!)

While running errands the other day,
Alex said to me,
"You know, you and I make a pretty great team."

It's true.
We do.
And I think this little guy is going to be a great addition to "our team"!

~Image via Amazon, photos by b~

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