Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pot roast perfection

"Perfect pot roast," you question?!
Hey, don't knock the PR...especially on a lazy weekend day!
~Adapted from The Pioneer Woman~

(Note: This will forever  be my signature pot roast.
All other recipes can be immediately thrown out or burned.)

It is so perfect that it could even be served to company.
I think the key is the "low and slow" cooking of one spectacular piece of meat -
 angus beef chuck roast (from the meat counter).
It may have cost nearly $20 for a 4 lb roast, but we ate off of it for days.
(We're talking crazy delicious  leftovers.)

And serving this over some premium mashed potatoes is where it's at!
(Ree Drummond is right.  Forget throwing the tots in with everything else.)

Here is my pot roast pictorial...

Sear off seasoned veggies and beef in olive oil.
Caramelize, caramelize, caramelize!

De-glaze the dutch oven with beef stock & throw all the kiddies back into the pool.
Add a fresh bouquet of rosemary and thyme, if you are so inclined.

Here's what we look like, hours later (after the oven has worked its magic)...

Use 2 forks to "cut" beef into appropriate chunks and get rid of any fat.
Throw back into the juice and keep warm in the oven until ready to serve.

Serve over/alongside mashed potatoes.
(I made mine with butter, milk, and cream cheese.  Yup.)

We ate this meal ENTIRELY with a spoon.
(Read: that is some tender ass meat.)
Alex commented that he could probably eat the whole pot.
I wouldn't put it past him.
He was literally LICKING his plate.

Amazing with a piece of hot buttered wheat bread to soak up the au jus!
Even more amazeballs (I'd imagine) with a glass of red wine.
(Though milk was a pretty damn tasty accompaniment...brought me back to some of my favorite childhood meals.)

Bottom line:
I will never shun a pot roast EVER again.
(Especially one brought to me by a woman who lives on a cattle ranch.)

If I know you, I will probably make this for you at some point in your life.
Until then, get cookin'!

~photos by b~


  1. I once made the same recipe but substituted Robinade instead of olive oil. The other guys at my camp loved it!

  2. Very funny, Filipski. Stuck with the olive oil, peeps!