Saturday, January 7, 2012

Statement jewelry

I absolutely LOVE bold jewelry.
It's an easy way to make even the simplest of wardrobes pop.

Let's start with necklaces.
The priciest of statement jewelry options, but also perhaps the most dramatic.
(anthropologie always has an AMAZING selection!)

Next up?  The arm party.
An increasingly popular trend.
Last year, necklaces were my go-to accessory.
This year, I am SO on board with bangles and such.  Totally feeling the arm party!

And don't be shy to throw your orejas into the game.

Last but not least, let's not forget the fingers!
I especially love this Kelly Wearstler ring.

Or try a cluster of rings.
(This example is a little wedding-y, but I still love it.)

Obviously, only choose one body party to make a statement on.
Otherwise, you will look a little over-the-top Zsa Zsa Gabor vs. modern chic.
Happy adorning!

~images via pinterest, marie claire, truly, cape cod collegiate, made by girl~

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