Friday, January 20, 2012

Romance on my reading radar

As Valentine's Day quickly approaches,
I find myself in the mood for a romantic read.
(And I don't mean some fluffy soft core ala Danielle Steel.)

After a recommendation via Cup of Jo,
and these beautiful, heartfelt paragraphs by author Anne Roiphe,
I am looking forward to getting lost in her recollection of her husband:

However, in my pregnant state of high emotions,
(seriously bawling after those paragraphs)
I am worried that this book will only worsen my greatest fear - 
the fear of my husband dying before me.

We've already had a cancer scare last year,
and as an NP and worrier by nature,
I already fear that any persistent cough or ache is a sign of impending doom.
(The downside of being too informed!
My poor unborn child!)
And such a book could certainly really set me at edge.

I feel silly admitting these feelings
(I mean, I'm not even 30!), but it's true.
Am I neurotic and paranoid in thinking this way?
Or, do you also ever fear losing your significant other?

I think this memoir by Anne Roiphe
is sure to be a romantic and funny and lovely...and sad, of course.
But it sounds like one true love story I don't want to miss.

~images via & Milk~

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