Friday, January 13, 2012

Capturing California

As this blows into town this week...
(P.S.  Ask any Wisconsinite, pretty sure we will all agree that we're not "snow starved.")

...I found myself reminiscing about our wonderful trip to southern California!

View from our hotel balcony,
overlooking Venice Beach and the foggy Pacific.

We stayed at the boutique hotel - Hotel Erwin.
Love the in-room sunglasses store and "muscle beach" themed table lamps. ;)
Not to mention a killer roof-top lounge and small, but delish kitchen/room service.
(Amazing house-made ginger ale and breakfast tacos!)


Grabbing some grub and beers (N/A) for me, from Larry's.
Kudos for homemade aoilis and pickles!

Strolling the Venice Boardwalk amongst the hippies and homeless.
(P.S.  Are the "kush doctors" always in??)
Alex is obsessed with the street ball...White Men Can't Jump, anybody?

Walking along the beach to Santa Monica (and WI Badger pep rallies!)
Much to my husband's dismay, I had to stop and pee at least 3 times.
(My bladder = baby's first squeeze toy.)

Baby on the beach!

Pre-pep rally  WI hoops game...

...and Cali-style bar food.  YUM!
Arugula & proscuitto pizza...

... & Farmer's Market spinach salad with lemon vinaigrette.

Party at the Santa Monica Pier!  On Wisconsin!
The heavy fog rolled back in right before it kicked off.  Oh well, at least it was warm!

NYE dinner at a sweet little Italian spot, popular with the locals in Marina del Rey - 
C&O Trattoria. Two words - garlic knots.  To die for!

And "on your honor" fill-your-own Chianti.
The only bubbles I had this NYE...

An early NYE night followed by New Year's Day perfection in Santa Monica...

Beachside breakfast and Packer viewing at Big Dean's...

A nap in the sand in January is a true treat! :)

Game day!!
Tailgating in Pasadena.

Gosh, our seats were terrible. ;)

Sea of red, baby.  Sea of red.

At least our band schooled the Oregon Ducks' band.
But what an exciting game!

And my sweet lil babe got to witness it all!

This was probably our last "big trip" before he joins our little family.
And it was special and amazing and fun and all we hoped it would be.

Back to January in the Midwest (and a gnarly airport head cold),
but at least I have these warm memories to look back on!

P.S.  The huzz will be soooo annoyed that I blogged about this before uploading a facebook album. Ha!

~photos by b~

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