Saturday, January 28, 2012

January link love

I just made these delightful soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies.
Recipe via The Pastry Affair ~ {HERE}.
Insanely good with a cup of jo and/or a tall glass of cow juice.

Her pictures are far more drool-worthy than mine, but I like to keep it real, peeps.
Oh, and they freeze well, too!
Which means hot chocolate chip cookies (or frozen cookie dough balls!)
whenever we want them!

Speaking of food,
here is the Pioneer Woman's Printable Pantry List.
Stock up at your discounted grocer and you will never go hungry!

And how cute is this "things that go together" post via Miss Moss?!
All true.

Have you heard of these people?
They have quite the arsenal of youtube videos.
I hadn't, but their "Interview with a One Year Old" is so damn cute & funny.
I mean, his "drinking problem"?!  I DIED.

Do you think this sweet little cherub's name is really "Jose Luis"?
I'm guessing NO by pops' over-accented pronunciation.
Regardless, I'm happy sorry to say that it is not on our "top baby names" list.

Speaking of babies,
I am still on the market for some baby shower decor
that my moms and I can whip together relatively quickly and easy.
I'm thinking these tissue paper lanterns (in various shades of blue)
might be a fun option...

(And let's face it, Martha never lets a crafty girl down.)

~photo by b / image via martha stewart~

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