Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Best thing since sliced bread

And not surprisingly, it is related to anthropologie.
It starts with the fact that I simply adore this poncho!!

On sale for $89 (which, I know I know , is still pretty pricey),
but, gosh darn it, it is a soft, hand-crafted sweater that originally cost $248!

Unfortch, they sold out of the M/L online (tears!!)
and a 7 month preggo like me
simply cannot should not squeeze into the XS/S.

But the fat lady (no pun intended) has not sung on the Ashcreek Poncho.
Enter: anthropologie customer service hotline.

Simply read them the Style #, then
they give you the digits for at least 4 stores in the country who've got it in stock.
Do some calling around
and then, ding ding ding!, they will ship it to your house free of charge!

(If you ask me, that's even better than it being in-stock online.
FREE shipping!!)

Also learned another anthro insider tip:
They mark down new & old sale items Monday nights, which is reflected in the stores and online on Tuesdays.  

Regardless, I am pretty pumped about the purchase...
clothes I can wear now + post-pregnancy rule!
Hoping to rock this over leggings or skinny jeans
with brown leather boots.
Photo to come!

~image via anthropologie~

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