Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weeknight Italian

I have been dubbed Pasta Concoction Lady.

Here's one of my latest, simple weeknight combo's:

Take local white button mushrooms from the Farmers' Market,
any flavor of chicken sausage (chopped),
lots of baby spinach,
fresh basil and garlic...

Saute in a little olive oil...

Meanwhile, add a little tomato paste to your favorite jarred marinara
(a secret from Giada and my Italian in-laws - gives it that rich, meaty, slow-cooked taste)

Pour your veggie-sausage sauce
over your favorite ridged pasta, e.g. rigatoni or penne,
(cooked in well-salted boiling water)
and top with lots of fresh Parm and basil.

Serve with a glass (or two) of your house red.
(which I also use to de-glaze the saute pan...doing so ensures that you get all those tasty bits, adding extra flavor to your sauce.  PLUS, adding the same wine you're drinking to the sauce makes you seem like a wonderful sommelier by ensuring your pairing will be spot on.)

Simple and delish!

Or in the words of many an Italian lady chef...

Mangia, que te fa bene!

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